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Youtube Thomas Levac Philippe Bond

Youtube Thomas Levac Philippe Bond – On YouTube, a comedian named Thomas Levac accuses Philippe Bond of rape. At the Emerging Humor Festival in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Thomas Levac grew enraged and repeatedly claimed that Philippe Bond was a kidnapper.

According to a video released on the YouTube channel QC spade, Thomas Levac lost his cool while taking part in the filming of a podcast at the Emerging Humor Festival in Abitibi-Témiscamingue and repeatedly asserted that Philippe Bond was a rapist. I can’t believe it’s Philip Bond! “Would you want to ride along?” Han! Han, you’re doing well! Philippe Bond, what a rapist you’ve got there!

Youtube Thomas Levac Philippe Bond
Youtube Thomas Levac Philippe Bond

You refuse to allow women out of his car when he invites them. That’s something you should always keep in mind,” adds Levac, a comedian who now hosts podcasts. “I’m not bothered. I’m not blown away by this guy. “Screw Philippe Bond!” he exclaims, before settling back into his chair and staring at the startled onlookers.

In the YouTube clip, he provides no more information on the rape or rapes he claims Bond committed.

An exuberant “Philip Bond!” was screamed in response to this. Please join me for a journey on the back of my chariot. Han! Han, you’ll be OK! Philippe Bond is a prolific rapist! It’s best not to get out of the car if he asks you to do so. “Always remember that,” Levac, a humorist and podcaster, tells us.

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter. I’m not blown away by this guy. Prior to sitting down, Philippe Bond exclaims, “Screw Philippe Bond!” in front of the group. He doesn’t go into further detail about the rape or rapes he claims Bond committed in the YouTube video.

These accusations must be taken seriously, but it’s still too early to predict how the next few days will turn out. Philippe Bond, on the other hand, was quick to respond to the accusations when the tape was made public. “False” claims made by Levac have been revealed in a press release circulated on social media.

Youtube Thomas Levac Philippe Bond
Youtube Thomas Levac Philippe Bond

Unfortunately, many more serious events go unreported, which is unfortunate. Various horror stories have recently been made public. A rumour about me has been spread by a comic book just recently. First, a humorist proclaims in his new book, “As we talk I rise up and shout my innocence loud and clear.

” To be accused of something without defending myself is a crime, he says in all caps, as if to emphasise that he has never been an aggressor and never will be one again. Philippe Bond confessed to drunk driving in May of last year. At March of this year, in Rivière-du-Loup, the comedian admitted to driving while intoxicated.

QC scoop’s YouTube channel accidentally posted an excerpt of a live broadcast that was supposed to be reserved for ticket holders only, prompting the show’s star to declare her innocence to the world via social media networks.

“Philippe Bond, that’s a violist,” the comedian Thomas Levac said in the now-viral video clip. Inviting women into his car, he refuses to let them go. Never, ever do that! It is only right to pursue women and never men.»

He pursues by treating the other participants in the dance of “lâches” who were aware of this viol story as though they were infuriated by it.

The man in question “ne m’impressionne pas,” adds the man in front of the crowd with a few nervous laughs. Philippe Bond is a jerk! Sometimes in the media, they ask: “Who is the comedic genius about whom everyone is raving but who hasn’t shown up yet? “… Philippe Bond, that is!»

Youtube Thomas Levac Philippe Bond
Youtube Thomas Levac Philippe Bond

Philippe Bond has reacted forcefully on his professional Facebook page, declaring that he has never been an aggressor and that he has “no choice but to enter legal proceedings” against this joker who is spreading what he considers to be false information about him. In a live podcast recording at the Rising Humor Competition in Abitibi-Témiscamingue,

Thomas Levac referred to Philippe Bond as a “rapist” on stage. The live broadcast intended for ticket holders instead ended up on QC Scoop’s YouTube channel, leading to the first party to openly disclaim any misconduct. QC Scoop Thomas Levac, a popular comic, may be heard in a viral video saying,

“Philippe Bond is a rapist.” He welcomes women into his chariot, but he won’t let them leave. It’s critical to keep that in mind! He’s just interested in women and doesn’t care about finding a man. Continues to be accused of being a “coward who finds out about this rape story,” by listeners of the opposing podcast.

In front of the audience, he says, “That man doesn’t impress me,” eliciting uneasy laughter from the audience. James Bond, I beg of you to go away. The comic who everyone is talking about, but who hasn’t shown yet, is frequently featured in the media. Hello, this is Philippe Bond.

A furious Philippe Bond replied aggressively on his professional Facebook page, declaring that he has never been abusive and that he “has no decision but to trigger legal procedures” against this comic for disseminating what he perceives to be untruthful about him

I rise up and assert my innocence loudly as we talk,” he writes. I’ve only ever had consensual relationships, and I’ll never accept being accused of being an aggressor without the opportunity to respond.

He argues that he would focus on the many studies that have been published in the past several years that describe terrible circumstances.

As of this writing, he has 5200 likes and 682 generally positive comments on his Facebook page. According to the author, there are many other awful events that go unrecorded, and no one should have to go through what they have.

Youtube Thomas Levac Philippe Bond