Y Brush Review

Y Brush Review

Y Brush Review: Y-Brush is very different from most of the toothbrush, so let me explain what it is and how it varies. Known primarily as a toothbrush mouthpiece, this is a modern toothbrush that cleanses all tooth surfaces at the same time instead of 1 toothbrush surface.

Y-Brush works similar to a standard manual or electric toothbrush. The idea is simple. If you usually use toothpaste, however and shift your toothbrush around your mouth, add y-brush and mord in it loosely as a guard.

Y Brush Review

Stunning results of cleaning

Control off automatic

Three modes

Existence of the drums

Y Brush Review


Mouthpiece change

Results of cleaning

Residue of dentures

Strength / Power button

Quality and design

Y Brush Review

Our Conclusion
Y-Brush is the best example I have ever seen of a toothbrush mouthpiece. Surprisingly strong were the brushing results. It is a better choice to replace your standard toothbrush, but it is still not good enough to replace it at all. It’s promising. A 10-second toothbrush is a future with several updates.