Worx Cube Vac Review

Worx Cube Vac Review

Worx Cube Vac Review: The Worx Cube Vac WX030 is a handheld, compact-design, and extensible, eye-catching vacuum cleaner that can reach even deeper into challenging cleaning areas such as footwear for your automobile. Read the full analysis and see if it can make the impressive small cleaning tasks that your total vacuum cleaner is not worth doing fast.

Worx Cube Vac Review

Something I want to delay is washing. I really don’t want to do by “put off.” Our full-sizing SUV is a huge beneficiary of my negligence. Some days earlier (read: months ago), there were some people in the back seat who were keeping on their shoes a lot of dirt/sand/whatever. That made the dark tapestry a beautiful addition. The Mini Worx Vacuum seemed like a great test.

Worx Cube Vac Review

What I like
Lightweight and compact
Stored aboard all equipment

Strong length of shaft

Small suction

Super life of the battery

What I’d change

A better philtre feature that is not so easy to obstruct

Better architecture, so that the philtre is not sweetly cleaned

I also want to store onboard the 32/35 adapter.

Worx Cube Vac Review

Final suggestions

It doesn’t suck, because this little vacuum sucks well. Worx works that little thing. Wow it gets messy. Let’s try this: Let’s try this:

Is it very good vacuum? Yup Yup Yup

Is it portable nicely? Yup Yup Yup

Is the battery going to work for long enough? Yup Yup Yup

Will the philtres get dirty after vacuuming? Will your hands get dirty? Yup Yup Yup

Will I keep using it and suggest it? Yup Yup Yup