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William allam son of roger allam

William allam son of roger allam
William allam son of roger allam

William Allam son of roger Allam: Roger William Allam (born on 26 October 1953) is an English actor who, while he is performing film, television, and radio, is mostly known for his stage life. For the original London production of stage Les Misérables, he played Inspector Javert, in the winner’s Cabin Pressure radio show Premier Douglas Richardson and in the DI Fred Thursday Inside the Endeavour TV series. he’s also known for his roles as Illyrio Mopatis within the HBO series Game of Thrones, Royalton in Speed Racer, Lewis Prothero within the 2005 adaptation of V for Vendetta and as Peter Mannion MP within the Thick Of It.

William allam son of roger allam
William allam son of roger allam

He has been nominated fourfold for the Olivier Award for Best Actor, winning twice. He played Mercutio for the Royal Shakespeare Company, in 1983. He played Inspector Javert within the original London production of the stage musical Les Misérables from 1985 to 1986.

William allam son of roger allam

He has also appeared in many radio dramas for the BBC. In 2001 he appeared with Les Misérables as Valjean in BBC Radio 4 ‘s adaptation.
In 2000 he played Hitler in David Edgar’s Speer in the Royal National Theatre. He won an Olivier Award as Best Actor 2001, for his role as Captain Terri Denis during a revival of Privates on Parade, opening in December 2001 at the Donmar Warehouse, Covent Garden. In November 2002 at the Comedy Theatre, he co-starred with Gillian Anderson in Michael Weller’s romantic comedy What the Night Is For.

Allam is married to actress Rebecca Saire, with whom he has two sons, William, an actor, and Thomas.[citation needed]. He, Rebecca, and William appeared together within the Endeavour episode Raga (series 7, episode 2, broadcast February 2020). therein episode, Rebecca and William played mother and son.

Are Roger Allam and William Allam related?

His mother Rebecca and father Roger Allam co-starred in a crime drama series known as Endeavor, in which the actor also appeared. The duo made an appearance in episode two of season seven, which will debut in February 2020.

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Mrs. Hazel Radowicz is played by Rebecca, while her son Gary is played by William, in this episode of The Simpsons. Gary is eventually assassinated at the end of the episode.

During an interview with Roger, who was asked about the episode’s moment in which Hazel had to decide Gary’s body, Roger shared his thoughts on the situation, saying it was difficult to watch his son on a slab and his wife in such distress.

Rebecca appears as Mrs. Hazel Radowicz, while William appears as Gary Radowicz, the Radowicz family’s son. Gary gets assassinated at the conclusion of the episode.

During a discussion of the episode’s scene in which Hazel is tasked with identifying Gary’s body, Roger shared his feelings on the scenario, saying that it was difficult to watch his kid lying on a slab and his wife being distraught about it.

The actor was born and raised in the English capital of London. His father and mother are both actors. His paternal grandfather’s name is Roger Allam, and his maternal grandmother’s name is Rebecca Saire. His father has worked in a variety of settings, including theatre, film, radio, and television programs.

William allam son of roger allam
William allam son of roger allam

Rebecca, his mother, has also been in a number of films, plays, television series, and radio broadcasts, among other things. She has also written plays for BBC Radio 4, which were all produced by Eoin O’ Callaghan. She has also done some acting and has been in several films.

William followed in the footsteps of his parents and pursued a career in acting. Thomas Allam, the actor’s brother, is also a well-known actor.

Allam starred as Brigadier Adrian Stone in the BBC television series The Missing, which aired in October and November 2016.

The comic drama series Conversations from a Long Marriage, in which Allam co-stars with Joanna Lumley, has been broadcast on BBC Radio 4 from January 2020. The program is now on its third season as of March 2022.

The following year, in March 2022, Allam made his television debut in the lead role of Antoine Verlaque in Murder in Provence, a British television crime drama based on the Verlaque & Bonnet detective novels by ML Longworth. He co-starred with Nancy Carroll (The Crown) in the role of his romantic partner Marine Bonnet.

Where is Roger Allam from?

William may or may not be married, and he may or may not be single. The actor’s current relationship status is unknown due to the fact that he has not disclosed any information about it.

There isn’t a lot of information available on the actor. Aside from that, he has not revealed anything about himself to the media and has avoided being in the public spotlight.

The actor may be found on Twitter under the handle @williamallum86. In his Twitter bio, he describes himself as a “director and creative producer,” among other things.

His father, Roger Allam, is active on Twitter under the handle @All Allam, where he has 17K followers. William Allam is currently 21 years old, which makes him a dinosaur. He was born on March 22, 2000, in the year 2000.

The actor was born and raised in the British capital of London, England. Both his father and mother work in the entertainment industry. His biological father’s name is Roger Allam, and his mother’s name is Rebecca Saire. His father has appeared in a number of theatre productions, feature pictures, radio broadcasts, and television sequences.

William allam son of roger allam
William allam son of roger allam

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Rebecca, his mother, has also been in a number of films, theatre productions, television shows, and radio shows. He has three siblings. Her work has also been featured on BBC Radio 4, where she has written three performances, all of which were produced by Eoin O’ Callaghan.

William has followed in the footsteps of his father and mother and has made a career as an actor. In addition, the actor has a brother by the name of Thomas Allam.

The first season of Endeavour, a prequel to the long-running Inspector Morse, premiered in January 2012. He played as the gruff but kind-hearted Detective Inspector Fred Thursday, who served as young Endeavour Morse’s mentor in the 1960s city of Oxford, in the first season.

As of 2018, Allam had starred as his lead character in five further well-received episodes, all of which are now airing on PBS Masterpiece Mystery! in the United States as part of the series. According to the ITV network in March 2019, the show’s sixth season had ended and was planned to air in the summer in the United States. It had also been renewed for a seventh season, which would take place in 1970.

Roger told up about his response to a difficult sequence in which Rebecca’s character, Hazel, was tasked with identifying Gary’s body in the episode, in which he played the detective. He said the following to Masterpiece: “It’s a bizarre double-edged sword because, of course, I expected to be really disappointed.

“But we’d come in together, and I’d seen William in his makeup and everything, so there’s a part of you that knows—there was a part of me that knew he wasn’t gone. It’s a peculiar type of parallel reality, to put it mildly.