Where Is Diy Sos Tonight

Where Is Diy Sos Tonight
Where Is Diy Sos Tonight

Where Is Diy Sos Tonight: Some DIY SOS viewers may be perplexed as to why long-time host Nick Knowles has been replaced by comedian Rhod Gilbert for the Children In Need special on Channel 4.

Former I’m A Celeb competitor had a run-in with the BBC over a very specific regulation he violated, which resulted in his being allowed to continue presenting the property show until 2022.

Earlier this year, Nick, who has hosted the program since 1999, had a clash with the BBC when he appeared in a shreddies advertisement that may have violated the corporation’s policies.

“Actors and artists who act in BBC content should not appear in promotional material, including advertising, in a manner that copies or replicates their on-air responsibilities for the BBC,” the guideline adds.

Where Is Diy Sos Tonight
Where Is Diy Sos Tonight

Stories of children and young adults who have benefitted from St Mike’s help are shared, as is the effect of the organization’s work on the children and families with whom it works shown.

Nick, 59, who lives near Cirencester, was unable to attend the special episode because he was cast as a builder in a Shreddies commercial in which he appeared. On Tuesday morning, he sent the following tweet: “Please tune in and show your support for Rhod Gilbert and DIY SOS for Children in Need, as well as making a donation if you are able.

“Around the years, we’ve constructed a number of facilities where Children in Need can provide assistance to children all over the nation.

A builder named “Nick ‘get it done’ Knowles” appears in the advertisement, and Nick plays the part of him. Because the cereal ad campaign will continue to be in effect for a little longer, the regulations prohibit him from promoting the product while simultaneously appearing on the BBC.

According to a joint statement released by the BBC, Nick agreed to stay off the DIY SOS for the length of the Shreddies’ ad’s airing.

Nick will step aside from this year’s DIY SOS Children in Need special since the campaign is still ongoing, but he will return to our screens in 2022, according to a statement from the organization.

The following was Rhod’s statement when he was named as a guest presenter in August: “Being able to step into Nick’s big steel-toed boots and be a part of the Children in Need campaign is an incredible honor for me.

“As a member of the notorious DIY SOS team, I am looking forward to gathering a large number of local volunteers to work on a very ambitious and vital project.

Where Is Diy Sos Tonight
Where Is Diy Sos TonightBOREHAMWOOD, ENGLAND – NOVEMBER 15: (L-R) Nick Knowles, Mark Millar, Billy Byrne and Chris Frediani of DIY SOS backstage at BBC Children in Need’s 2019 Appeal night at Elstree Studios on November 15, 2019 in Borehamwood, England. (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

“I’m hoping that after having tried my hand at over 30 different occupations for my Work Experience TV show, I’ll be of some assistance around the site. Because my vis is high and my cap is firm, go ahead and bring it on.”

In the first place, however, why did he feel the need to cover for Nick? As a result of Nick apparently holding “crisis discussions” with the BBC to consider his future after a scuffle over Shreddies, Rhod was picked to take Nick’s place.

Where Is Diy Sos Tonight
Where Is Diy Sos Tonight

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