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What Happened To Louise Thompson

What Happened To Louise Thompson – Following two near-death experiences during delivery, Louise Thompson has been brought to the hospital while on vacation, days after revealing her worries that she is suffering from “brain damage” and “a type of dementia.

It was stated in a message posted to her Instagram on Wednesday morning that she would be taking a break from social media as she heals from her recent surgery.

When Louise, 32, requested that Team Pocket keep her supporters informed of any new developments from the company, the team responded by wishing her a “speedy recovery.”

PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and post-natal anxiety continue to plague the TV star, who gave birth to her son Leo eight months ago.

Team Pocket wrote: ‘Hello everyone, we’re here. Unfortunately, Louise has to return to the hospital for a short period of time, thus she will not be active on social media during this time.

What Happened To Louise Thompson
What Happened To Louise Thompson

It goes without saying that we are all praying for her quick recovery and sending our warmest thoughts and prayers her way.

Fears about Louise’s mental health have been raised.

“I just want someone to help me,” she commented beside a photo on Instagram of herself on June 30th, 2022.

“My poor body and head are all over the place,” she said.

According to Louise, “when I spoke to my psychiatrist, she instructed me to make sure that any physical health physicians I see take my worries seriously.”

In my mind, I’m not merely “mentally ill,” and I don’t want to be labelled that way.

My iron and haemoglobin levels are low, which is tremendously distressing, according to some recent private blood test results that I recently received.

As I said, “I find it highly upsetting to be honest since many are either too high or too low.”

During her second pregnancy, Louise, a reality TV actress best known for her appearances on Made in Chelsea alongside her brother Sam, nearly died twice.

“Hey everyone, Team Pocket here,” they wrote in a statement.

As a result, Louise is taking a sabbatical from social media while she recuperates in the hospital.”

My heart goes out to her as well as everyone else’s. I hope she gets better soon.

There are a lot of interesting things happening at Pocket at the moment, and Louise has asked us all to keep you informed while she is gone.

Days before her hospitalisation, Louise wrote an extensive blog post in which she detailed her memory loss and challenges.

What Happened To Louise Thompson
What Happened To Louise Thompson

The actress has been updating fans on her sluggish recovery, but was recently re-admitted to the hospital after receiving ‘alarming blood results.’.

In an Instagram post last week, the former Made in Chelsea star revealed she had been “blocking everything out” and had entirely forgotten about important aspects of her life.

This is a weird time for me where I’m filtering everything out,” she said. In the beginning, I may have said that. Because I’m still attempting to keep the pain at bay, I don’t recall much of what happened. I don’t want to re-read this.

“This disease has a recurring feeling to it. Finally, it does feel like everything occurred a long time ago, but it also feels like everything happened to someone else and not to me.. I feel like I’ve completely erased my past and begun a new life.

“Sometimes ill, but not always. People tell me how far I’ve come, but I can’t recall exactly how far back I go. I can recall a lot of things from my childhood, but I’ve essentially purged anything that happened between the ages of 5 and 15 from my memory. Louise went on to say,

“To put it frankly, I’m trying to go on with ‘regular’ life now. Every other day, for an hour or more, I feel like I’ve had a mini-stroke or some kind of brain injury.

I don’t know what it is, but it seems like brain damage or a mini-stroke. I’m not sure whether it’s just an odd processing issue.

“It’s as if I’m either much too low or way too high in some certain chemical or hormone.” In any case, I’m unable to function normally, either mentally or verbally, during such episodes. It’s almost as if I’m experiencing a severe allergic response in my head.

What Happened To Louise Thompson
What Happened To Louise Thompson

After feeling depressed and irritated, I experience the greatest cramping in my pelvis, yet my brain soon returns to normal, as if the chemicals in it have been replenished. I’ve been told that this isn’t a result of my mental health medication?!? Are there any physical resources available to assist?”

She has been openly documenting her road to recovery on social media in recent weeks. She opened up about her health worries on Thursday in an Instagram Stories post.

Louise noted that she had went to the dentist because “a major portion of my anxiety is driven on by physical health concerns which need to be resolved.” she had not been mentally strong enough to arrange long overdue checkups until now.

I’ve been caught in the middle of a no-win situation. My premolars have a lot of black discoloration between the teeth and gums, and seeing it in the mirror stresses me out.

“I was bedridden in the hospital for weeks so hardly brushed and I was also on antibiotics for nearly two months which may also have an effect on your teeth, but obviously I jumped to the conclusion that I have leukaemia since it can damage your mouth and your gums.”

My darling newborn son Leo-Hunter Libbey, who weighed 7 pounds when he was born five weeks ago, is now five weeks old. Unfortunately, none of us got off to the best of starts. They both ended up in the NICU and the ICU.

I’ve been in the hospital for a month with different significant issues whereas Leo recovered very quickly.”

It’s a sharp reminder of how precious and fleeting life is. “In all honesty, I never believed that so many horrible things could happen to me, but to dance with death twice provides a new vision of the world.”

Thompson said that she was in a “weird place psychologically and physically,” but that she had received “some very good psychological treatment” in the meanwhile.

Last but not least, the message concluded with an announcement that she had been cleared to be released from hospital.

What Happened To Louise Thompson