in Book Reviews Book Reviews Book Reviews: The Wellesley Women Centers (WCW) is the largest American university for study and intervention focused on women and gender-motivated by social change. We see a future of justice, harmony, and health for women and girls, young people and young persons, families, and cultures around the world in all their diversity.

In 1974, Wellesley Collège established the Center for Women’s Research and in 1981 created the Stone Centre. In 1995, the Wellesley Centers for Women formed the two centers in one single organization. Today WCW offers major study opportunities through paid internships and research assistant positions for students of Wellesley College. Book Reviews

WCW also has administrative support positions for Wellesley students. Some researchers and project leaders at WCW lecture at Wellesley or at the Institute of Global Affairs Madeleine Korbel. While the perceptions and experiences of women and girls are central to our institutional identity. Book Reviews

We understand that women’s and girls’ circumstances are affected not only by their gender and sex but by other important aspects as well: race, ethnicity, and culture; social class and economic status; nationality and religion

We believe that men’s and young people’s lives – in fact, people of both genders – are as important and meaningful as children. We recognize that this transition, which is being pursued by individuals, dyads, families, societies, and society at large, is simultaneous to the micro and macro level. Book Reviews

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