Review Review Review Review: A US citizen may register by submitting a federal registration form, to vote from abroad while living, working or traveling abroad. As an outer vote, you must also submit your ballot for each calendar year in which you wish to vote in the same manner in subsequent years.

The method, which includes all elections in a calendar year (primary elections, general elections and special election, which you would otherwise not know of), is a one page Federal Post Card Application (FPCA). Review Review

Click “Begin” and follow the form prompts on the main screen of (VFA).
We suggest that you check the box in the form, so that your blank ballot can be emailed / online or faxed to you – you won’t have to be concerned about misplaced or delayed your blank ballot by e-mail or if you pass. Review

Give your Local Election Officer (LEO) in the USA the completed and signed Form. The directions include the contact details and show whether your state accepts the email or fax form and even by mail (most states).

Fax or Mail: download and print the completed FPCA and instructions to return your completed FPCA. Use contact details in the Instructions to sign and date the form then directly fax or mail it to your LEO (the contact details are also here). Review Review

To e-mail you can print out and send your completed FPCA as an e-mail attachment – or follow the instructions.