Reviews Reviews Reviews: Tryeggpod is an egg-shaped, aluminum interior plastic device for partially cooking and peeling hard-boiled eggs in the same machine., a publication that has been available for the first half of 2020, is the official product website. Reviews

I consider the most remarkable feature to be the fact that it makes eggs in the microwave while trying the egg-shaped steamer. So, I believe the Egg Pod as seen on TV is a package that is intended to help people effectively make hard-cooked eggs in the microwave when you live somewhere without access to a stovetop. Reviews

NEGATIVES: Can’t see inside, & Lots of Eggs can’t be stored. ATTENTION: Eggs only. FEATURES: Lightweight, BPA free, Clean & Yellow & White dishwasher. The jar of Egg Pod is like a white egg. The Egg Pod is 100% safe to use and plastic and dishwasher-free of BPA. Another good thing about Egg Pod is that it’s made to save a little storage in the kitchen. Reviews