Tollman Family Net Worth

Tollman Family Net Worth: Stanley Tollman, chairman of The Travel Corporation (TTC), recently marked his 80th birthday in grand style by holding the company’s convention in his native country of South Africa. The event was organized in Cape Town to introduce quite 350 international travel representatives to the special tourism venues available therein country.

TTC, a pacesetter within the international travel and hospitality business, is understood for its commitment to top-quality travel packages to the four corners of the planet with a replacement emphasis on South Africa. the corporate is owned and managed by the Tollman family and represents well-known international tour operators that concentrate on all kinds of travel packages including a pass by air, river cruises and coach transportation to popular tourist destinations.

Its fourth generation is now onboard, and therefore the company operates on all seven continents, with over 40 offices. It serves over two million customers per annum . It generates annual sales of approximately $2 billion, says its chief executive Brett Tollman, with approximately half of its tour operator business and therefore the remainder split between its river cruises and luxury hotel portfolio.