Review Review Review Review: The online shop Tmeyerboys claims to sell Dewalt power tools. You can ship and distribute worldwide. Tmeyerboys claims to sell products at very competitive prices in their online shop, but can you trust them?

We find that in the course of our research, the affordability of your products attracts suspected buyers. In on-line scam shops, this is common. After the coronavirus outbreak, people used the most items that they could buy online due to urban lockdown. Review Review

Fraudsters have taken the occasion to open fake websites where suspect purchasers steal money. It is our responsibility to conduct reviews on websites like Tmeyerboys and to report their fraudulent plans. Review

The products seen at are a bad sign without customer reviews. In general, reputable online stores, such as Amazon, have strong and bad reviews from customers.

We have a very low 1% confidence rate when we tested their website for ScamDoc (a tool for website analysis). Review Review

This means the website can not be trusted because the information on the owner is not synonymous with the name of the domain. We can not quantify its validity over a past timeline because they are very recent.