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Tekdry Reviews

Tekdry Reviews: The TekDry wet phone recuperation technology is the fastest and safest available. Our proprietary solution restores your water-damaged phone or laptop in just 30 minutes with your data restored. A low pressure, controlled heat, and proprietary perforations are used in our patented technology To build a dry atmosphere that will extract 100% of your wet system moisture.

Tekdry Reviews
Tekdry Reviews

TekDry’s technology involves low pressure, managed heat, and perforations, which remove 100% of wet moisture. The technology can restore missing data in the device, and the people adopted it because it was a common need. As the first step, the beads in the water-removal machine create a certain amount of heat and expel any air in the chamber.

The vacuum created allows the mild temperature to transform the fluid into gas and evaporates, leaving the cell phone dry. People also experience frustration if their equipment drops into water or any other liquid that is obvious by attempting to save them by putting them in rice; a tactic that is almost constantly failing.

Tekdry Reviews

TekDry expanded considerably and secured funds for the construction of new equipment. In order to support a widened store network, the company has further advanced and more personnel. Nevertheless, TekDry has faced several industry obstacles similar to new start-ups providing other services than goods.

While on the market appropriate and required. In the areas served by TekDry, headquartered outside Denver, Colorado, there are still wide coverage gaps. In certain places, their staples are not readily accessible. However, TekDry’s website lists operating areas, and all customers should send in their $70 gadget, and refunds are available if the gadgets do not function.

Is TekDry still in business?

Following the Shark Tank episode, the firm is still in operation and seems to be doing pretty well, according to the most recently available information. According to the coverage map on the company’s website, it is only available in a few locations on the east coast.

Surely there must be a simple solution, don’t you think? The quick answer is no, but that’s not what a new emerging technology business named “TekDry” wants you to believe, according to the company’s marketing materials.

Tekdry has created and designed a machine that enables you to remove a gadget that has been immersed in liquid from a liquid-filled container (most commonly water)

The basic assumption of the tekdrys machine is that by using a mix of heat, suction, and liquid-absorbing pellets, it can dry out and eliminate any residual liquid that has accumulated inside the device.

Before we get into the latest TekDry news, let’s take a look at how long they’ve been in the tank. Adam Cookson and Craig Beinecke went on Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 3 to pitch their firm to the sharks and received positive feedback from the audience.

Tekdry Reviews

They claimed to have developed a system capable of drying out phones that had been submerged in water and that they could return them to functional condition using it. Essentially, a user would set the phone in the machine for around 30 minutes, during which time the water particles would be converted to gas. This removes the liquid from the phone, enabling it to function properly once again.

At the time of the Shark Tank presentation, TekDry had a unit in 82 shops and planned to expand to a few more locations later in the year, according to the company.

Tekdry Reviews

To rent a box, a retailer must pay TekDry $80 per month in addition to providing TekDry with 60 percent of the money generated by the box. In 2015, the firm made a total of $29,000 in revenue. In contrast, after expanding in 2016, TekDry had been on course to generate $650,000 in revenue. Furthermore, the business has already secured more than $2 million dollars in funding.

Preceding their appearance on Shark Tank, Cookson and Beinecke had previously raised $2.3 million to start and manage their company. Their devices were already at over 80 Staples locations, and the business also provided a mail-in service in which customers would only be charged when it was determined that the machine could be repaired.

In order for their firm to make breakthroughs in manufacturing and reach as many retailers as possible while maintaining profitability, they need more capital from investors and lenders.

How is TekDry doing after shark tank?

Since its participation in Shark Tank, TekDry has seen substantial growth, generating funds to invest in the development of new technology and expanding its operations. The Company has progressed further and hired additional employees in order to service a more comprehensive network of stores.

It has even acquired prominence as a result of television series such as “Shark Tank.”

Investors have poured a large amount of money into attempting to get this water damage mending equipment into retail shops, and it has already been installed in over 600 stores nationally, including many Staples locations.

As a result, given the widespread popularity and perceived success of retail shops, the question arises: does it actually work?

The machine itself is not a “scam” in the classic sense; rather, if the machine fails to preserve your device or restore complete functioning, the company would often charge you very little or nothing for the services they provided.

Tekdry Reviews
Tekdry Reviews

This is often what we see at wires computing when we get a device that has been damaged by water or other fluids. During a screen-on event, corrosion may occur around high voltage locations such as the VCC main power rail and the backlight rail, both of which can operate at 16 volts during the event. This often leads to burnt pads on the components’ soldering surfaces, which will prevent any connection to the circuit from being made.

Whenever a gadget is brought into our shop in this condition, we photograph it for future reference and then compare it with schematics to look for scorched pads and “dead circuits.” This is essential for ensuring that repairs are completed properly and thoroughly. We also make a note of places that are more severely damaged than others so that we may devote more work to the SMD components later on.

Following the Shark Tank episode, the firm is still in operation and seems to be doing pretty well, according to the most recently available information. According to the coverage map on the company’s website, it is only available in a few locations on the east coast.

Additionally, the firm now provides a mail-in service, which enables you to send in your phone and have it repaired within 24 hours of it being wet with water. Finally, TekDry provides services for both tiny devices like as flash drives and keyfobs as well as big devices such as laptop computers.