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Tefal Cake Factory Reviews

Tefal Cake Factory Reviews: Anyone who has seen the Great British Bake Off will be familiar with the fact that even the most experienced bakers may produce sloppy outcomes. This is likely the driving force for Tefal’s development of the world’s first precision cake maker.

It ensures that no-bake is out of reach by assisting you in overcoming common obstacles such as inaccuracy in oven temperatures or timing errors. Five preset programmes are available, including meringue, molten lava cake, chocolate melting, muffins/cupcakes, and full cakes, while a manual option is available for those who choose to be more inventive.

Tefal Cake Factory Reviews
Tefal Cake Factory Reviews

With simple controls and cool touch handles, it’s perfect for baking with children, and you can purchase more moulds to broaden your baking range.

a small design that is suitable for those like him who lack the ‘patience for accuracy’ that is necessary for normal cake-baking techniques. He discovered that the cake maker requires very little setup and is “very simple to operate.”

Tome points out that even when using the machine, there is still some work to be done because it essentially merely cooks the cake for you, whereas the whisking, mixing, and other preparation work must be completed before placing the mixture into the machine.

In order to test the machine, Tome attempted a couple of the “well-explained recipes” that came with it, but he found them to be “intensely sweet,” the carrot cake muffins to be “oily,” and the chocolate marble cake to be “deliciously moist,” but not “enough chocolaty.”

Overall, Tome feels that the device has “promising results,” but cautions that owners of the product will need to experiment with the settings in order to achieve their desired results…. He also observed that despite the fact that nothing he tasted was especially unpleasant, using the machine did not provide him with the same sense of accomplishment as baking did.

What can you cook in a Tefal cake factory?

The Cake Factory’s basic form and back hinge are evocative of a sandwich toaster on the outside, but on the inside, it’s a very another story. An element in the base, covered with a reflector, ensures that heat is distributed uniformly, while a grill, as well as a silicone mould – or an aluminium tray – are put on top. This implies that when you close the lid, you are creating a small-scale oven environment that does not require any prior heating.

The Cake Factory’s design makes it more energy-efficient and faster than an oven – in Tefal’s own tests, lava cakes cooked nine minutes faster and consumed a quarter of the energy: 0,088 kW/h for the Cake Factory against 0,576 kW/h for an oven.

However, the Tefal is far more adaptable and has been intended to be safe enough that children may prepare and bake a dessert all by themselves while you prepare the rest of the meal. There are five automated programmes, as well as a free app with more than 200 recipes to use with the machine. When it comes to getting the kids to cook, nothing beats the prospect of cake and a tablet.

Tefal Cake Factory Reviews
Tefal Cake Factory Reviews

The visually appealing white and fuchsia gadget takes up approximately the same amount of counter space as a slow cooker, which is convenient. One of the trays is made of aluminium nonstick, which is ideal for baking large tray bakes such as brownies, and the other two are silicone with a firmly reinforced rim, which prevents the contents from tipping out when the trays are lifted.

There are two recipes, one for six little rectangular cakes and the other for six circular cakes. The latter is the most inventive; the cups collapse for storage, but you can pop them up to gently slip soft-centred puddings such as lava cakes out of the cups like you would a regular cake. More on it in a moment.

The Tefal Cake Factory is available in pink and white (although it would be nice to have more colour options as well). While it still appears to be appropriate for children, there is a risk of making it appear too childlike, and I believe some people may have been put off by the idea that this is a classic kid “easy bake” type thing. It does, however, include a Baking Tin for standard cake baking, a metal raising rack for the Moulds, two PROflex moulds, and a Recipe Book in addition to the above.

Is the Tefal cake factory worth it?

Even though the book itself is quite good, with colourful pictures and clear instructions on what preset programme to use and what mould to use, what makes this even better is a compatible APP, which is similar to the book but provides far more detail and guides you step by step, after doing a little research on your own. It has also been brought to my attention that there are Tefal videos on YouTube that, even if you watch three or four of them, will provide you with a very clear overview of how this works if you are still unclear after reading the instructions.

Tefal Cake Factory Reviews
Tefal Cake Factory Reviews

Baking is quick and simple with the Cake Factory, and there is no need to watch it while it is cooking or to modify the position, time, or temperature as you may have to do when baking in an oven.

We had no issue getting started or picking the appropriate software because of the clear directions and straightforward controls.

When the cooking time is nearly up, the machine’s display will show a second-by-second countdown and beep to alert you that it is almost completed. For those who want to walk off while it bakes, you can even set a timer using the app, which will remind you when you need to return.

It was simple for us to hold the handles on both the lid and the trays, so you shouldn’t have any trouble removing your baked goods once they’re done. The cakes came out of the baking dish and silicone moulds with ease, and they were really simple to clean up afterwards.

Not only is this model equipped with our new dairy desserts programme, which allows you to create decadent creamy puddings such as mousse or crème brûlée, but it also contains our standard cake programme.

There’s also a manual option for times you like to do things the old-fashioned way. It’s also perfect for melting chocolate, so you won’t need to use your stovetop or microwave for that task. With the recipe book and the app’s additional 300+ recipes, you’ll never be short of inspiration. It’s also convenient to store due to its small size.

Tefal Cake Factory Reviews
Tefal Cake Factory Reviews