Teddy Mafia Net Worth

Teddy Mafia Net Worth
Teddy Mafia Net Worth

Teddy Mafia Net Worth: The Teddy Mafia was gunned down on Monday by Yaganathan Pillay. Two people were then killed by an angry mob who felt it was responsible. The Shallcross drug lord Yaganathan Pillay was put to rest this morning in a police funeral monitored by his diamond-filled coffin added a sparkle to the sending off.

Pillay was shot twice in his head and soon died, reports TimesLIVE, at Chatsworth’s Chatsmed Hospital, KwaZulu-Natal.

Brig Jay Naicker, SAPS Speaker verified this occurrence, who said a shot was carried out on Taurus Street, Shallcross “at a known drug dealer’s house.”

In three homes of the deceased accused Durban drug lord Yaganathan Pillay, known as Teddy Mafia, police confiscate about R130 000. Police recovered narcotics from three families.

Teddy Mafia Net Worth
Teddy Mafia Net Worth

Teddy Mafia, as he was named, was gunned down this year on the 4th January in a medicine, and his family and everyone in the community has called for us to say that he doesn’t deal with a small fisherman on their streets.

This comprises about 25 000 pills from the supposedly used date-rape antidepressant Xanax as well as colourful cocaine.

In Shallcross, a residence next to the house where Mafia resided, police raided and shot dead on Wednesday morning.

News24 believes that a person was detained who was spotted leaving the home. The other homes — save dogs that are tied outdoors under “disgusting” circumstances – are not inhabited and seem to be used for storage.

Teddy Mafia Net Worth

Teddy Mafia’s accomplices were killed and their bodities burned in a very blood-chilling case. This morning a white heararse slowly marched through the streets and Pillay was chanted by community members. The funeral is held in the same room as Rashid Staggie, the late gangster. In his diamond-padding coffin, Teddy was sent off, costing R300 000.

Teddy Mafia Net Worth
Teddy Mafia Net Worth

The homes were characterised as “cluttered,” and the police noted that if we brought sniffing dogs “we might find additional medicines.”

Unknown assailants shot Pillay twice at his home and died on the way to the hospital. Two individuals nearby were beheaded shortly after his murder.

The mafia was let to rest in the extravagant ceremony and the folks playing bagpipes accompanied his R300 000 “diamond-encrusted” coffin.

He was charged with illegally owning weapons and ammo at the time of his death.

Family relatives describe him as a kind guy who has done a great deal for his community.

Teddy Mafia Net Worth
Teddy Mafia Net Worth

A Drug Lord Suspected

TimesLIVE stated that several police raids had taken place at home. In 2016, when he was discovered reportedly owned by around R1.8m in narcotics and many weapons including a 6.35 Beretta handgun and a home-made gun, Pillay was arrested.


In April 2020, however, Teddy Mafia was arrested, and charges for illegally possessing weapons and munitions were never made against her for selling narcotics. During his detention, an estimated R250 000 of R700 000 cash, gold and silver coins was confiscated.

Teddy Mafia Net Worth
Teddy Mafia Net Worth


At the time of his death, Teddy Mafia was sixty-one years old.


For forty years, his wife Susan Pillay was married to Teddy Mafia.

Net Value

The actual net value of Teddy Mafia is unknown, but it has been interred in the R300 000 coffin “diamond encrusted.”

R5m in his house during a police raid in January 2013 has also been revealed.

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