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Summer Walker Break Up

Summer Walker Break Up: Following a rocky start to their romance in 2019, Summer Walker and London On Da Track ultimately called it quits in 2021 after dating for a year and a half.

Summer Walker Break Up
Summer Walker Break Up

According to Capital Xtra, Walker collaborated with the Atlanta-based music producer on her first studio album Over It, which was released in October of this year and was supposedly where the two first met.

Despite the fact that Summer and London welcomed their daughter Princess Bubblegum in March 2021, the couple separated shortly thereafter. According to the star of Playing Games’ Instagram account, “Somehow I always wind up with male chauvinist.” It seems to me that being an alpha female and thinking for myself and making my own judgments is viewed as a sign of disrespect.”

She has already begun to move on and consider her options for the future. “It would be fantastic if I could manifest the next 5 months of my life,” she remarked. “If you f**k with me, please send me love and light.”

The pair has broken up multiple times in the past, only to get back together each time after that. Summer stated that her relationship with London was finished only hours before London surprised her on stage during her U.K. tour a year ago. In front of the audience, the two kissed and made up.

Aside from their personal connection, the two have achieved great success in their respective professions. Summer’s chart-topping 2019 debut Over It, as well as her most recent EP Life On Earth, were both produced in London.

Summer Walker Break Up

A statement from London, who co-produced Ariana Grande’s new single “positions,” has not yet been made in response to the split. Summer Walker believed it was outrageous that Seraphin was wanting $53,000 in child support, and she shared her displeasure with the situation on social media.

Summer’s mother believed that she should keep her mouth shut and instead focus on assisting other Black women, especially given the fact that her boyfriend is embroiled in his own child support dispute.

Following Summer’s remarks, London’s baby mama, Erica Racine, expressed her own thoughts on the singer’s area of expertise, saying, “I’m so tired of Summer Walker using her voice outside of a motherf***in song,” before reprimanding the singer for her inability to relate to females who have children. Summer Walker has since apologized for her remarks.

Another of London’s ex-girlfriends chimed in, alleging that the record producer doesn’t care about his three children and that Summer “always had the audacity to comment about s*** she should be embarrassed of,” according to the source.

Summer Walker Break Up

What happened to Summer Walker and her baby daddy?

Summer Walker and London On Da Track began dating in 2019, however, their romance came to a grinding halt after many rumors of infidelity surfaced about the couple. After experiencing their fair share of highs and lows prior to their separation, the couple welcomed their daughter in early 2021.

Summer Walker was discovered by many after Drake published a remix of her debut track, “Girls Need Love,” although longstanding Drake fans were first introduced to Summer Walker through the YouTube channel of the singer. Summer had worked as an exotic dancer and managed a cleaning service in Atlanta before partnering with singers such as Usher and Jhene Aiko on the song “Over It.” However, a lot has changed for the musician since then.

Walker returned to her Instagram account on Monday, a little more than a month after her previous post, and she proceeded to bash her ex-boyfriend in the process. “London contacting and dm’ing [sic] everyone around me because he BLOCKED saying bout if you care about Summer keep that n***a away from her,” she wrote in a storey acquired by The Shade Room. So if something were to happen to me, it would be his fault. “Ghetto baby daddy from the pits of hell.”

“I’m just going about my business,” she added, adding that she never called him unless it was to check on her child’s well-being. Smh insane mf. & ‘that n***a’ has been parenting your child for the last 2 months since you are a piece of sh-t and refused to assist me. Keep threatening individuals and tell him “thank you, f-cking freak,” instead of “please and thank you.”

Summer Walker Break Up
Summer Walker Break Up

Summer Walker and her on-again, off-again lover, London on da Track, began dating in 2019 while working on her debut album, “Over It.” Summer Walker has been in a relationship with London on da Track since 2015. The musician Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, Drake, Chris Brown, and Young Thug, who once referred him London as the “best producer ever,” are among the artists with whom London has collaborated in the past.

When Summer and London revealed that they were having their first child together, their relationship only became more difficult. Since then, their relationship has only been more problematic.

In April 2021, Summer Walker and her lover looked to be on the mend following their frequent and highly publicized breakups. The singer received a Tesla Model X as a birthday gift from her boyfriend. Summer, on the other hand, recently confessed that their relationship was once again on the rocks.

But she’s had enough of it. ‘Well, I guess I’ll just put it all in an album, collect my millions, and be on my way to be married,’ Walker remarked before adding, “But at the very least, I’ll be able to afford to look after my child.’

Walker made the announcement that she was expecting her first child earlier this month, sharing a snapshot of her growing baby bulge with the public. According to reports, the father lives in London. The two have had an on-again, off-again romance for quite some time. Walker said in October that she was “officially single,” but London contradicted the report, publishing a photo of the two together on Instagram.

Does Summer Walker have a BF?

Her last Instagram post, which was only two days old, had a slew of photographs of her and male cuddling. Because Larry’s face is nearly completely obscured, we can only surmise that this was him at this point. He’s wearing a mask that appears to be composed of little bears that have been sewed together. Only a little hole allows him to look through it at this point. Larry isn’t even mentioned in any of these photographs.

A new boyfriend has emerged in Summer Walker’s life, and he is the talk of the town. The Ex For A Reason singer appears to be showing off her new facial tattoo in a video posted to her Instagram account, in which she appears to be joined by her lover Larry aka Lvrd Pharoh.

After divorcing her baby father and ex-boyfriend London On Da Track, the singer appears to be happier than ever. The two are getting their names tattooed on each other’s faces.

Summer Walker Break Up
Summer Walker Break Up

Despite the fact that we don’t know everything about Summer Walker’s new lover just yet, here’s what we do know about him thus far.

His true identity was eventually discovered to be LVRD Pharaoh Larry, a rapper from the United States who goes by the stage name LVRD.

On August 20, 2021, Summer made her first public announcement about her new lover, and while she did not name him at the time, the singer stated: “My professional life is going well, and my child is healthy and lovely. My boyfriend is going above and above to do all of the tasks I have assigned to him. You don’t even have to ask.”

After only a few short months, in November 2021, the pair unveiled matching facial tattoos that bore their respective names on them.

Summer wasn’t through expressing herself about her ex-boyfriend, and she wrote a mysterious remark that stated, “& why would you want the mother of your kid to soon ‘dry out’ so that I can’t provide for her?” She went on to say in another story, “[emoji of a laughing face] lmaoooo n***as is a strange creature. If you’re not the captain of the ship, it’s simply a matter of time till the entire ship sinks hahaha. Okay, I’m finished.”

Summer Walker began an on-and-off relationship with London after he assisted her with the production of her debut album in the spring of 2019. Walker revealed her pregnancy with London less than a year after they started dating, but the couple formally ended their relationship around the time she gave birth to a daughter.

Walker directs the album’s lyrics towards persons who have interfered with their relationships, such as the mothers of London’s other children and the women with whom he has cheated on her. Walker, on the other hand, devotes most of her record to London and his treatment of her.