Straya Memes

A shortening of the country name “Australia” is generally known as straya. The term Straya also now has somewhat of a cult following, often being closely related to bogans that are famous on one of the famous social platform called Reddit.

The word Straya bogans mostly used by Aussies all over the world to describe their country and culture.

Now the straya memes and the internet they’re made for each other. Peoples make funny and hilarious memes on the peoples of Australia, Not because they are digital visual communication but because they are the product of a hive mind. A simple straya memes image captioned with bold Impact font at the top and bottom given below.

In the early days, straya memes started slowly and stuck around longer, But these straya memes could blow up and be over in the span of a week, if not a day. So let everyone enjoy their own jokes in peace doesn’t sound so bad, and to a point.