Snoochie Shy Real Name

Snoochie Shy Real Name
Snoochie Shy Real Name

Snoochie Shy Real Name: Snoochie Shy is a 29-year-old DJ, model, and presenter that works in the entertainment industry. She was given the name ‘Cheyenne Davide’ by her mother and was born on June 13, 1992, in London. The presenter has walked the runway for a number of high-profile companies, including Ugg, Nike, Adidas, Dr. Martens, Warehouse, and Vans.

For the time being, she serves as an ambassador for the Sleep cosmetics line and the internet portal VOXI. She will make her feature film debut in In2ruders, a thriller directed by award-winning director Naeem Mahmood that will be released later this year.

Considering Snoochie’s responsibilities at MTV and BBC Radio 1 XTRA, it’s no surprise that she’s quite active on social media. Her Instagram account has 124k followers, and she has more than 25k followers on Twitter.

Snoochie Shy Real Name
Snoochie Shy Real Name

Snoochie Shy’s actual name is Cheyenne Davide, and she claims that her stage name is derived from a nickname her grandmother gave her that meant “cute.”

If Jordan North, her fellow DJ, and last year’s runner-up, finds out that Snoochie is following in his footsteps, she isn’t sure what she would say.

“I watched him puke on the summit of the mountain, and I can relate to that since it was quite high,” Snoochie says. Meanwhile, Snoochie has stated that she is apprehensive about disclosing her birthmark to the other campers while at camp.

“People other than my family are unaware that I have a birthmark on the right side of my cheek, and this will be the first time I am announcing it to the public.” She continues:

DJ, model, and presenter who is best known as the host of the morning program on Radar Radio in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Previous to this, she worked as a presenter for MTV’s The Wrap Up. She has posed for a variety of international companies, including Ugg, Nike, Adidas, Dr. Martens, and Warehouse.

She began a blog called yeahitsshy at the age of 19 as a creative outlet to express herself, which led to styling and modeling opportunities with Adidas later in her career.

DJing for companies such as Topshop, Adidas, and G star are among her credits. She was given the name Cheyenne Davide when she was born in Eltham, but she prefers to go by the pseudonym Snoochie Shy.

Snoochie Shy Real Name
Snoochie Shy Real Name

Even though she is not the most well-known of this year’s cast of I’m a Celebrity, Snoochie Shy is aiming to have a successful season on ITV’s hit reality program in the coming months.

As previously reported, Snoochie’s name appeared on the list of confirmed competitors for I’m A Celebrity 2021, which included names such as Arlene Phillips, Frankie Bridge, and David Ginola, among others.

In spite of the fact that you may not be familiar with the name DJ Snoochie, her program on Radio 1Xtra has garnered a significant following.

Each weeknight from 11 pm to 1 am, the late-night program transmits live to a worldwide audience on the CBS television network.

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Away from the radio station, Snoochie Shy has hosted a number of high-profile events, including the MOBO Awards, which have garnered widespread attention.

According to what you may assume, Snoochie Shy is a stage name for Cheyenne Davide, who is 29 years old and goes by the moniker of Snoochie Shy.

Snoochie Shy Real Name
Snoochie Shy Real Name

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