Reviews Reviews Reviews: The Chief Financial Officer is the State Treasurer. The treasurer safeguards contribute money from fraud and misuse, protects the unclaimed property over $1 trillion, administers an economic development program for small businesses and agriculture, and administers the state’s tax-friendly education and savings programs.

Missouri taxpayers’ defence

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As Chief Financial Officer of Missouri, the State Treasurer retains the bond AAA rating (the highest rating given by standard & poverty and fitch ratings) while maintaining state revenues and expenditure. To do this, he has the following tasks:

Pay authorisation and account balance.

Protecting taxpayers’ money from fraud and exploitation by using the most recent technologies to prevent fraud. Contracts for State receipts and payments with banks from Missouri; managing transfers of money and security; reporting on State accounts, balancing and payment activities; offering related banking services. Reviews

Identification and investment in interest bearing time deposits in Missouri Banks, US of the amount of State funds not required in order to cover current operative expenditure; Securities, repurchase deals, corporate papers and banker acceptances of the treasury and federal department.

The State Treasurer shall return the unclaimed property of Missouri. Every year the Treasurers’ office collects millions of dollars from financial institutions, corporations, state agencies, and other organizations and the contents of safe deposit boxes. The trustee retains over $1 billion in properties that are unclaimed. The average return for the non-claimed property is around $300.