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Sea Moss Transformation Reviews

Sea Moss Transformation Reviews; In recent years, the health food business has experienced expansion on a scale that has never been witnessed before. The Transformation Factory, a company founded by businessperson Alexiou Gibson and contributing to such expansion, was recently mentioned. Gibson introduced his firm as one of the major makers of edible gels produced from seaweed on episode 13 of the ABC show ‘Shark Tank.’ The fact that seaweed is still largely underutilized as a food source despite its high nutritional value piqued our interest in the product. As a result, we made the decision to track The Transformation Factory’s expansion!

Sea Moss Transformation Reviews
Sea Moss Transformation Reviews

Alexiou Gibson, the man behind The Transformation Factory

Earned his Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Florida Atlantic University. Gibson is the mastermind behind the company. Even more impressive, he graduated from Palm Beach State College with an Associate of Arts degree in Pre-Engineering. Given that Gibson has worked for top-tier firms, it is interesting to note that his career trajectory has been both exciting and motivating. Later on, he was promoted to the role of Chief of Technology Intern after having previously served as Curiosity Rover Procurement Manager for a NASA project when he was still a student.

In addition, Gibson was employed by Breezer Mobile Cooling from 2014 to 2016 in the role of Implementation Specialist before beginning work as a project manager at Assura. In addition, he became the Chief Executive Officer of Highly Ambitious Studios in May of 2012, a role he continues to occupy up till the present day. Gibson remarked on the show that despite the fact that he had a great time working as an intern at NASA when he was 19, he weighed more than 500 pounds. Although being overweight had its own set of difficulties, the physicians were concerned about the impact it would have on the length of his life.

Gibson made the decision to alter his way of life in order to live a more responsible and healthy existence because he was unwilling to let his life deteriorate anymore. Nevertheless, the engineer discovered that simply keeping to a schedule and engaging in physical activity weren’t sufficient, and he was compelled to explore other options for healthy eating. After doing some research, he discovered the many health benefits of seaweed and how healthy it can be. But Gibson was rather startled to find how little value seaweed was given in the United States, and as a result, he resolved to take action to change this perception. He started mulling about potential solutions and eventually developed a formula for a gel made of seaweed and moss.

The Transformation Factory is currently recognized as one of the most important producers of seaweed moss gel in the United States. After obtaining the seaweed in an environmentally responsible manner, the seaweed is then mixed with spring water. However, in light of the fact that not everyone would be able to consume it in its raw form, the business started mixing nutritious fruits into the gel in order to impart flavor. Gibson not only indicated that his product was all-natural and vegan, but he also mentioned that the seaweed moss gel helps with weight loss since it promotes metabolism and digestion. This was in addition to the fact that Gibson stated that his product was 100% natural.

The state of our health is not often prioritized by those of us who lead really hectic lives. The culture of hustling leaves us with very little time to focus on our health, let alone make sure that we meet the daily nutrition requirements. As a result, we are all forced to rely on taking multivitamin tablets in order to ensure that we are meeting our nutritional needs. This can range from skipping lunch because of a tight deadline or an extremely long meeting to missing out on regular health check-ups.

If you are the type of person who despises taking pills, then the gel made from sea moss that is sold at The Transformation Factory might very well be the solution to most of your nutritional and health problems! The human body has 102 different trace minerals, of which sea moss contains 92 of them. Sea moss is a full food supply of minerals.

Sea Moss Transformation Reviews
Sea Moss Transformation Reviews

In the upcoming episode of “Shark Tank,” Season 13, which will serve as the season’s finale, Alexiou Gibson, creator of The Transformation Factory, will make a pitch for his one-of-a-kind superfood-based firm. While we will have to wait and watch to see if the Sharks, which include Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, and guest Shark Kevin Hart, take an interest in this obscure superfood based gel, in the meantime, you will be able to read everything there is to know about the brand and its founder on this page.

Gibson has ambitions to branch out into the retail sector

But for the time being, The Transformation Factory’s wares can only be purchased through the company’s official website. The website also offers sea moss capsules for $27.99 and a bag of raw Irish sea moss for $14.99. The price of a jar of seaweed moss gel may range anywhere from $30.99 to $43.99, depending on the taste.

Concurrently, clients who are interested in purchasing more than one product can check into the numerous bundles that are offered for the purpose of receiving further savings. Alexiou Gibson’s tireless efforts are directly responsible for the success of The Transformation Factory, and we have no doubt that both him and his business are destined to achieve even bigger accomplishments in the not-too-distant future.

Consuming an excessive amount of sea moss may result in adverse health effects for individuals who are hypersensitive to iodine and/or other heavy metals. If you consume excessive quantities of raw sea moss, you run the risk of being exposed to potentially dangerous compounds and heavy metals.

In a study that was published in the journal Environmental Science and Pollution Research, the researchers found that taking up to two tablespoons of Irish sea moss each day did not have any adverse effects on the body. Iodine is an essential mineral for maintaining hormonal homeostasis, and sea moss is a good source of this element. On the other side, research has shown that taking in an excessive amount of iodine can damage the thyroid and throw off the delicate balance of hormones.

You run the risk of absorbing harmful elements such as mercury and arsenic if you ingest an excessive amount of sea moss. Finding sea moss that is free of pollution in certain regions might be a game of chance. According to a dietitian based in the United Kingdom who spoke with Byrdie, the shorelines on which Irish moss grows are not tested and verified to be free of potentially harmful metals, fuel products, pesticides, or herbicides. “Because of this,” she explains, “the only Irish moss I would recommend buying is one that is certified organic.”

Alexiou Gibson, the person responsible for the creation of TTF, has a strong sense of mission. Since taking on the roles of CEO and President, he has continued to develop himself, shifting from a seeker of answers to a provider of those solutions. TTF is the end result of ten years spent struggling with various health problems. He has drawn on each and every one of his life’s experiences in order to establish TTF as a guide and source of inspiration for individuals who are interested in realizing their greatest potential.

Sea Moss Transformation Reviews
Sea Moss Transformation Reviews

The items produced by The Transformation Factory have been met with a generally favorable response from customers. People rapidly adjusted to the unconventional yet healthy supplement, and before long, Gibson’s goods were receiving raving reviews from satisfied customers. Gibson, who was resolved to maintain the expansion of his business, worked tirelessly to produce a dry seaweed mix, which was promptly added to the product list. In addition, as a result of The Transformation Factory’s rising popularity, the company has been featured in a variety of reputable print and visual media outlets, and the website for the company displays a wealth of positive comments from satisfied clients.