Scared Hamster Memes

Hamsters are very skittish creatures, and they scare easily, They are scared of everything, including you, until they get to know you better. So in short, your hamster could be scared because he doesn’t trust you yet, You did something very suddenly and scared him, he’s currently in shock (like when you first bring him home).

Scared hamster is the internet newest cute meme craze for memes lovers. It just likes Hamster Screaming, Most of the people are used to seeing hamsters with a twitchy and toothy blank facial expression. This hamster became a viral star when its owner captured a video of a routine feeding and famous on twitter.

Two years later, the same user, tweeted a screenshot of the hamster screaming. They tweet with the photograph, “Back when I worked at a shop named PetSmart, I took this picture of this hamster who literally screamed every time I tried to feed him and I’m crying.”

This video of hamster received more than two thousand retweets and hundreds of thousands of followers. In response, many followers attached amazing inventive and grumpy comments. The post received more than 11,000 upvotes points and 375 comments on Reddit.

They centered on surprise, fear, and what total disgust looks like when it’s wrapped in a cuddly furball.  Now this pet shop resident became a viral star when its owner captured video of a routine feeding.

This meme has also inspired popular offshoot pics. It is the perfect meme for attaching humor, disgust, fear, or surprise.