Website Website Website: I have to tell you that we redesigned and worked on it, particularly over the last week, during my absence. None of the guest hosts — and a million thanks to all the hosts who have given up their spare time, came in and hosted the show. We are so thankful. We are so thankful. I am very grateful to them. Website

If they couldn’t come in here and take 25 grand a day we pay, I wouldn’t be able to leave—oh, wait, no, that’s something else. It’s still relevant, however, and I appreciate that they come in. Website

About a year, folks, we worked on this. We were expected to roll everything out—you wouldn’t believe it if I told you what all is involved here. Six months ago, we were going to roll it out.

The issue has been that we have acquired so much content over the years that all data migration – I keep saying is an encyclopedia and then some. This has taken months to migrate. Website

In Ukraine, we used a company. Putin assaulted them a few times. Three or four times we had to start. Ok, I’m just kidding that Putin is targeting them.