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Putin Illness Video

Putin Illness Video: During an awards ceremony that took place in the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin was spotted shaking and having difficulty standing, which prompted further speculation about the possibility that the Russian leader’s health is deteriorating.

After presenting director Nikita Mikhailov with the State Prize of the Russian Federation on Sunday, the president was seen on video seeming incoherent and swaying back and forth after making the presentation, as reported by the UK’s Express.

Putin Illness Video
Putin Illness Video

As he stood close to the stage with his arms held rigidly by his sides, Vladimir Putin, who is 69 years old, shook his legs. The disturbing clip came after his physicians apparently told him not to make any “lengthy” public appearances due to his “unstable health.” They instructed him not to make any public appearances longer than five minutes.

This assertion was made on the Telegram channel known as General SVR, which is said to be operated by a military source connected to the Kremlin.

A few days ago, a source close to the Kremlin was quoted as saying that Putin’s medical team had recommended he avoid giving long speeches and appearing in public for an extended period of time. Relatively recently, the chief of intelligence for Ukraine, Major General Kyrylo Budanov, gave an interview to Sky News in which he said that Vladimir Putin was in “extremely severe psychological and physical health and he is really ill.”

It was reported in Newsweek on June 2 of this year, citing a source from the US intelligence community, that Vladimir Putin had cancer therapy for advanced stages of the disease. In addition to this, the report said that an attempt had been made on Putin’s life in the month of March of this year. In spite of the fact that the Russian President is said to be sick, the fact that he is reportedly sick is being seen as a factor that will prevent a nuclear war from breaking out between Russia and Ukraine in the context of the current confrontation between the two nations.

The journal quotes a senior intelligence officer who has direct access to a secret US intelligence assessment as stating, “Putin’s control is firm but no longer absolute.” The individual was speaking about the situation in Russia.

Did Putin’s Legs Buckle During a Ceremony

In yet another video that looked to have been taken after the conclusion of the event, Vladimir Putin was seen mingling with other guests while drinking a beverage. Nikita Mikhalkov, a director and one of the people who received an award, may be recognised in the photo by the guy on the left who is sporting a moustache. The notion that Vladimir Putin had received “medical care” when he was “unsteady” is slightly refuted by the following footage, which was filmed during a debate that took place after the event:

Valery Solovei, a political analyst, has long maintained that the Russian leader was afflicted with cancer as well as Parkinson’s disease and that he had emergency surgery in February of 2020.

Putin Illness Video
Putin Illness Video

Then, at the end of April, a British tabloid called The Sun said that a Russian media site called General SVR had cited a “Kremlin’s insider” as claiming that the 69-year-old Putin was about to have surgery for cancer, even if the nature of the precise procedure was not disclosed.

The rumours of health concerns coincide with Putin being under severe strain for Moscow’s invasion of the neighbouring Ukraine, where Russian troops have faced significantly tougher opposition than predicted. The reports of health problems come at the same time as Putin is under intense criticism.

Pictures taken at a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Sergei Shoigu, the Minister of Defense, in April showed the President of Russia slouching in his chair and holding the table between him and Shoigu.

On Sunday, Putin was present at an awards event that was held in the Kremlin. He made some comments before the Russian director Nikita Milkhalkov entered the stage to receive one of the trophies. While he was speaking, the President of Russia could be observed rocking back and forth from side to side. It seems as if his legs are giving out, compelling the leader to grip the podium in order to keep from falling over.

A number of occasions over the years, Vladimir Putin has been captured on camera trembling; some of the footage shows the Russian president expressing discomfort while standing, while other films show the president’s hands trembling violently. In April, video footage from February was released showing Vladimir Putin’s hands trembling as he was meeting with the head of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. As a result, Putin had to hold the arm of a chair in order to maintain control of his shaking hands.

Does This Video Prove Vladimir Putin Is Sick

On Sunday, the Russian leader was able to retain his balance and continue with the address; nonetheless, the video was extensively circulated online, and some speculated that it may be the latest signal that he is still in poor health. This led to widespread speculation about the video’s significance.

While continuing to defend Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was compelled to refute rumours that Russian President Vladimir Putin was unwell or nearing the end of his life during an interview that took place on Sunday.

Putin Illness Video
Putin Illness Video

During an appearance on French television, Lavrov made the following statement: “President Vladimir Putin appears in public every day.” You are able to see him on screens, learn about his performances, and listen to them. I don’t believe that rational individuals are able to recognise the warning indications of a disease or of bad health.

He said that he placed it “on the conscience of people who propagate such rumours” that Putin was in terrible condition after he left the room.

On Monday, Vladimir Putin led a meeting of his security council and also had a conversation with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey. As the head of the Kremlin remains quarantined due to his coronavirus infection, both sessions were conducted virtually. Aides and international leaders who have met Putin but have not been placed in quarantine have been compelled to sit at a long table that is dozens of metres away from the president.

Last week, the head of military intelligence for the Ukrainian government, Kyrylo Budanov, stated that he believed that Vladimir Putin was both gravely ill and that he had survived a recent attempt at a coup. Kyrylo Budanov did not specify where the alleged assailants originated from, but he did say that they were from the Caucasus region.

According to statements made by Budanov to the Ukrainian news site Ukrainskaya Pravda, one of the terrible ailments that the individual suffers from is cancer. However, it is futile to hold out hope that Putin will pass away tomorrow. In addition to this, he said that a coup “would ultimately lead to the change in leadership of the Russian Federation.” The first steps of this approach have already been taken.”

A former Soviet agent said that Vladimir Putin suffers from Parkinson’s illness. On the other hand, New Lines Magazine asserted that it had received a tape of an oligarch indicating that Putin is “extremely sick with blood cancer.” There is no evidence to support any of the reports.

According to a report published on the investigative website Proekt, it is suspected that Vladimir Putin suffers from thyroid cancer or another condition.

According to the report, which was based on documents that had been stolen from a travel agency, Vladimir Putin had been receiving regular visits from an oncologist and from two otolaryngologists, both of whom, according to the publication, would frequently make the initial diagnosis of a thyroid condition. The Kremlin has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is in perfect health, despite the fact that it has not verified any claims that he is unwell. A spokesperson for the Kremlin named Dmitri Peskov described it as a “fabrication and lie.”

Putin Illness Video
Putin Illness Video