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Pretty Lavish .Com: From the back of Stephanie’s sister and Samantha Frost’s living room, Pretty Luxurious was launched. The girls saw a chance on the market to bridge the gap between highway and luxury. So they chose Pretty Luxurious to start and run it alongside their full-time jobs in 2013 with Samantha’s fashion purchasing experience and Stephanie’s financial expertise.

They were determined to make Pretty Lavish a success with an unbroken partnership, the combination of a business owner and a creative head.

Pretty Lavish .Com

We at Pretty Lavish believe all about people and have a team of 15 who are the most ambitious, passionate, and hard-working individuals. We are incredibly blessed. “To shift the paradigm of social media comparison by designing quality timeless clothes in which women feel fabulous,” We think of ourselves more as families than a team guided by the same task.

Our goal

We live in one where people of all races, shapes and sizes celebrate their bodies and rely on their own skin to change the comparative society. Whether or not you wear Pretty Extravagant.

Pretty Lavish .Com

Why women love us Why

“Every time I shop with you, great quick delivery and the goods are so high quality! My last purchase was a kimono sleeve dress and it suits well and looks great. To everyone, I’ll advise you! Nia Winney Thanks Xo”

“Very happy, quick delivery, decent product quality and brilliant seller contact. Will purchase 100% again “Polly-Anne Stanley

“Breathtaking coat! Cut, form, fabric and colour. In love. Great for nights not so cold. Super fast delivery and beautiful customer service.”

Pretty Lavish .Com