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Penny Mordaunt Voting Record

Penny Mordaunt Voting Record – There is a lot of speculation that PENNY MORDAUNT may replace Boris Johnson as the head of the Conservative Party and become the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Ms. Mordaunt has widespread support among Conservative Party members, giving her a strong chance of success in the next contest for the party’s leadership. Regarding the European Union, Ms. Mordaunt has, for the most part, voted against advancing the union’s agenda of increased integration. In the wake of Boris Johnson’s decision to step down as leader of the Conservative Party, a number of potential candidates have shown interest in the position. Penny Mordaunt is an example of this kind of politician.

Penny Mordaunt Voting Record
Penny Mordaunt Voting Record

The contender for the leadership of the Conservative Party has said that she has what it takes to assist the Conservatives win power in Scotland and break through the “yellow wall” erected by the SNP. On Tuesday, the trade minister presented her case to members of the Conservative Party in Scotland.

She is generally considered to be one of the front-runners in the race to succeed Boris Johnson as Prime Minister at No. 10, and she made her presentation there. She went on to say that the party need to have the goal of “beating the nationalists one day” and that it ought to do this by having a “positive vision, unity of purpose, and record of delivery.”

“If we want to fight the SNP, we can’t do it by dividing the people. We can only be successful in defeating it with a message that can bring the nation together by concentrating on issues that are really important, she stated. “And we must make it our goal to vanquish the Nationalists at some point in the future. I won’t lie and say that it will be simple.

However, as a person who serves in the Royal Navy, I possess the bravery and resolve necessary to take on that enormous task. The Scottish Conservatives, headed by Douglas Ross and his group of MSPs, have an obligation to take the initiative whenever this situation arises. But if I were to become Prime Minister, I would make it my mission to provide our party with the necessary platform.

According to a survey conducted by ConservativeHome, Mordaunt is now in the lead for the position of top favourite. As the competition for the leadership position heats up, here is some information you should have on Penny Mordaunt.

In 2015, she cast a vote against the adoption of a European Union resolution that would have allowed migrants to be relocated to other nations.

In addition, she did not participate in a vote held by the government in June 2016 to determine whether or not the United Kingdom should continue its membership in the European Union (EU). This was a diplomatic move made after former Prime Minister David Cameron openly campaigned for the UK to continue its membership in the EU.

During a speech she gave in 2018, she addressed the topic of Brexit and remarked, “We must honour the decision of the vote.” The people have spoken, and we are obligated to give effect to their will.

Ms. Mordaunt cast her vote in favour of increasing the amount of university tuition fees in the United Kingdom to £9,000 per year in 2010, a decision that was met with considerable student demonstrations due to its contentious nature.

When it comes to taxes, she has always voted in favour of increasing the income tax threshold, which is essentially the same thing as voting in favour of giving employees a raise in their wages.

Penny Mordaunt Voting Record
Penny Mordaunt Voting Record

Ms. Mordaunt’s voting record on social issues has been mainly liberal, as seen by the fact that she has voted in favour of equal LGBT rights and for the authorization of marriage between people of the same sexual orientation.

The track record the Minister of State for Trade has had on significant subjects like taxes and Brexit is one of the reasons she has established such a great reputation among Conservatives.

Since September, Ms. Mordaunt has served as the Minister of State at the Department of International Trade (DIT), which is an important government agency.

Prior to that, she worked in a number of different administrations and was the first woman to hold the position of minister for the armed forces during the administration of David Cameron.

She is a supporter of Brexit and has openly discussed the advantages of withdrawing from the EU, although she did not run for the leadership of the Conservative Party in 2019.

However, Mordaunt has promised to lowering the value-added tax (VAT) on fuel by 50 percent and revisiting tax levels for basic and medium incomes. So far, her campaign has focused more on leadership skills than on headline ideas.

Her campaign advertising has prominently emphasised the phrase “Our leadership has to become a bit less about the leader and a lot more about the ship.” This statement was taken from an article she wrote for her campaign.

She has also made a significant amount of effort to disassociate herself from allegations that she is “woke” and a “dedicated fighter for the trans movement.”

Mordaunt emphasised that there was a distinction between persons who were “legally female” and those who were “biological woman” in a series of tweets that she made very early on Monday morning.

This seems to be a reversal from the position she had in 2018, when she proclaimed in the Commons that “Trans men are men and trans women are women.”

Penny Mordaunt Voting Record
Penny Mordaunt Voting Record

If Mordaunt is elected Prime Minister, she will not support holding a second independence referendum, as she has said before, following the example set by a number of other candidates for the leadership role.

Mordaunt, in an interview with the Scottish Daily Mail, made the following statement: “I won’t play Nicola Sturgeon’s games by talking about indyref2.”

“An further contentious referendum is not the appropriate priority. It’s the very last thing Scotland needs at this point.

“We cannot let the SNP divert our attention and cause division among us all over again. Now is the moment for people all throughout the United Kingdom to come together and concentrate on addressing the issue caused by the rising cost of living, promoting economic growth, generating employment, and providing assistance for companies. As a result of the Prime Minister’s statement that he would be resigning, the 1922 Committee will almost immediately begin making preparations for the next leadership election.

Tories would likely prefer to have it resolved by the fall, far in advance of their party conference in October, so that the exiting Prime Minister may avoid having to preside over the gathering.

In his address of resignation, which he delivered in front of Downing Street, Mr. Johnson said, “I want you to know that from now until my successor is in position, your interests will be protected and the governance of the country will be carried on.”

Penny Mordaunt Voting Record