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Patrick Carrigan Parents

Patrick Carrigan Parents – Patrick Carrigan is an Australian professional rugby league footballer who was born on January 1, 1998. He currently plays as a lock and prop for the Brisbane Broncos in the National Rugby League (NRL). Forward Patrick Carrigan and his family – his father Ross, mother Carmel and two sisters Bridie and Tara – at the Broncos’ training facility.

Patrick Carrigan Parents
Patrick Carrigan Parents

Even though it was for those “filthy” Broncos, Eddie “The Chief” Billing’s smile hasn’t left his face since witnessing his grandson Patrick Carrigan make his National Rugby League debut the week before last. Patrick Carrigan’s parents put him through the illuminati of rugby union by sending him to the famous St. Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace school for boys in Brisbane. However, his love affair with rugby league has always been greater.

Carrigan, who graduated from the Queensland under-18s team the previous year, recently participated in the under-20s Emerging Origin programme at the Queensland Academy of Sport. In 2017, Carrigan will be entering his second year with the Broncos’ under-20s squad and will be playing for the Broncos’ under-20s squad.

Carrigan has all the hallmarks of a young man who was captain of his school and vice-captain of his school’s GPS Rugby team, yet he harbours dreams of emulating childhood heroes Shane Webcke and Petero Civoniceva by playing in the NRL for his beloved Broncos. A front-rower whose ‘private school looks’ belie a quiet toughness required to succeed in rugby league’s middle third.

Carrigan balanced his academic responsibilities with his obligations to the First XV rugby team, the junior league rep commitments with the Easts Tigers, and rowing with Terrace’s first eight. His workload hasn’t eased down much since he was a senior in high school.

During the week, he gets up at four in the morning to begin his shift as a labourer at the Rocklea Markets. After that, he attends classes at the University of Queensland, where he is currently enrolled in the second year of a physiotherapy programme. Finally, he travels to Red Hill to participate in training with the Broncos under-20s.

All of this in the hopes of earning a spot on the NRL squad for the Broncos.

Carrigan said with that he “always grew up adoring the Broncs,” which he attributes to the fact that his grandfather is “a very serious Broncos guy.”

“I have a few fuzzy recollections of coming to the ANZ Stadium when I was a young kid to have some photographs taken of me lounging around there. When I was younger, my father would accompany me to the soccer game, where he would also change my diaper and tend to any other needs that arose.

Patrick Carrigan Parents
Patrick Carrigan Parents

“It wasn’t so much that I wanted to actually give it a go to advance that I wanted to, but more the camaraderie that I found at school by being a part of the union.

“I started playing little league when I was five years old, and ever since then, that’s what I’ve wanted to do with my life.

Carrigan is the son of Ross and Carmel, who were both once inhabitants of Goondiwindi. He follows a strong family legacy of leagues, and as a result, he now holds the most bragging rights within the family. “In the history of Goondiwindi rugby league, my grandfather Noel Carrigan was the first Carrigan to ever play. 1929 was the year that they took home the championship.

My son, along with both of my sons-in-law, and I all played for Gundy back in our playing days in the ’50s. Because I have six grandkids who are all athletes, there is a lot of competition for him to join a league, and he has felt the pressure “Eddie chuckled. On Thursday evening,

“The Chief” and other members of the family made the trip to Brisbane to see the game. He described the experience as “a very exciting thrill.” “When I got there, they were ready for me with a fresh new Broncos cap and scarf. They gave me a warm welcome. My support for the Broncos will be spotty at best “Eddie joked. “In 1956, when I finally received my first pay check, I used it to buy a radio. After hearing St. George play, I became a fan of the band and have been doing so ever since.

Patrick Carrigan Parents
Patrick Carrigan Parents

“After the game, we were granted access to the inner sanctum and had the opportunity to speak with some of the players. Therefore, I guess it wasn’t too horrible of an experience to be able to talk with some of the top footballers in the country, “Eddie stated.

The residents in the crowd were very supportive of Carrigan and cheered him on loudly. The remainder of the throng was perplexed as to what was causing all of the commotion. Carrigan was a member of the Queensland under-18s squad that was coached by Josh Hannay last season. Hannay is sure that in addition to Carrigan’s excellent manners, he possesses the essential level of “mean streak” to have a successful career in the National Rugby League (NRL).

Hannay commented on the individual’s decision to play union rather than league, stating, “I believe he’s made a fantastic choice because he appears as though he’ll be a very excellent front-rower.”

“He doesn’t give off the impression of being the kind of person who is rough and gritty; instead, he’s a really well-presented kid who’s clever, but he has the actual tenacity to play in the middle.

“Don’t let his good looks deceive you; he’s a really tough front-rower who puts in a lot of effort every day.

“He has wonderful manners, is a really modest young guy, puts in a lot of effort, and exemplifies a lot of things that you expect to see in young men but unfortunately don’t see very frequently.

“With the build he now possesses, the physicality he already possesses, and the size he is going to be, together with the work ethic and the character attributes he already possesses, he has a real potential to make it. He is going to be a fair chunk of a guy. There are many admirable qualities to be found in him.”

But Carrigan is determined to finish his degree in physiotherapy and ensure that he has the foundation to be successful in whichever direction his career takes. This further demonstrates that he is very much a thinking man’s front-rower. Regardless of the path his career takes, he will be successful.

Even if playing football was his parents’ “Plan B” when they decided to send him to Terrace, he nevertheless excelled in the sport.

Patrick Carrigan Parents
Patrick Carrigan Parents

“Mum and Dad have always worked that hard for me to have the opportunities that I’ve had and it was always to get an education first and football can be a Plan B,” said the 19-year-old player who played 18 games in his first Holden Cup season last year. He was speaking about his parents. “Mum and Dad have always worked that hard for me to have the opportunities that I’ve had.”

“My first objective is to play in the National Rugby League (NRL), and achieving that has always been my top priority; but, I do have a backup plan in place with the physiotherapist in case things don’t work out as planned.

“Scott Prince told us in camp about how his first six years were six years of injuries. As a result, I’m just trying to get a degree there in something that I like, so that if a curve ball gets thrown at me, I’ll have it up my sleeve,” said the player. “Scott Prince spoke to us in camp about how his first six years were six years of injuries.”