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Paris hilton and tom cruise together

Paris hilton and tom cruise together: Fans have gone absolutely crazy when Paris Hilton uploaded a loved-up TikTok of herself and Hollywood icon Tom Cruise. The video astonishingly shows the actress getting intimate with Cruise. Everyone was taken aback when they saw the entertaining tape and saw married Paris Hilton flirting with the famous actor as she asked him, “Do you think people would genuinely believe we’re a couple?”

Paris hilton and tom cruise together
Paris hilton and tom cruise together

Paris Hilton gave Miles Fisher, a content producer and Tom Cruise mimic, exposure to her 6.2 million followers when she tweeted a video he had created. The most recent TikTok post that Paris Hilton has made is making followers lose their breath. The heiress and DJ uploaded a video on social media on Tuesday showing herself and Tom Cruise lookalike Miles Fisher getting ready for a premiere as if they were going together.

“Paris, please excuse my tardiness; I don’t want to miss this premiere. Fisher, acting as Cruise utilizing deep fake, synthetic media technology, says “We need to leave” as he puts on his tuxedo jacket. Cruise is not aware that Fisher is playing him.

After that, Hilton makes her way into the room wearing a dazzling outfit. “We should never be on time, but we should always be fashionably late. It’s your night,” is the response that she gives me. Fisher’s Cruise replies by saying, “You are so unbelievably lovely,” before hugging Hilton and exclaiming, “I believe we’re really going to amaze the world.”

Hilton continues by asking, “Do you really believe people are going to assume we’re a couple?” “I think most people will believe anything,” Fisher as Cruise responds in the role of Cruise. Hilton responds, “Story of my life,” while Berlin’s song “Take My Breath Away” plays in the background.

The scene depicts the two individuals, who are tied together as a “couple,” getting ready for a premiere. Of course, Hilton tied the knot with Carter Reum back in November of the previous year.

A long, shimmering gown with a deep V-neckline and long sleeves made of opaque fabric was what Hilton donned for her big night out. The skin-toned fabric was covered with crystals that were arranged in a spiraling design that converged in the center of the garment. In addition to that, it has a mermaid skirt that flares out at the bottom. A circular cutout in the front of the skirt created a front opening, which contributed to the dress’s visually appealing shape.

Paris hilton and tom cruise together
Paris hilton and tom cruise together

Hilton pulled her hair to one side and wore very little to no jewelry, choosing to let the shimmering gown do the talking for her. The famous individual from television wore a pair of silver pointed pumps that harmonized with the stones that were on her robe.

Is paris hilton married?

While this was going on, “Cruise” was decked up in a traditional tuxedo complete with a black bow tie and cummerbund. As his addendum, he picked a pair of black pointy-toed formal shoes. In the most perfect manner conceivable, both parties embodied the Hollywood grandeur that can only be achieved by selecting timeless red carpet looks.

On June 14, 2022, Paris startled the world by appearing in a TikTok video that was published from her official account. In the video, she can be seen cuddling up to someone who looks to be iconic actor Tom Cruise.

Throughout the video, the two celebs can be seen cooing over one other, giving each other praises, and admiring each other. Fans naturally went into a frenzy almost soon after the news broke, wondering whether the famous socialite and the Top Gun pilot are indeed an item.

Paris hilton and tom cruise together
Paris hilton and tom cruise together

Those who are already gushing over Paris and Tom may be disappointed to find out that the video Paris uploaded is a joke and that the person who appears with her in it is not in fact Tom Cruise. In point of fact, Miles Fisher, better known as @deeptomcruise on TikTok, a famed Tom lookalike and content producer, appears with Paris in the aforementioned clip.

If that doesn’t convince you that it isn’t Tom, the two of them worked together on another video in the past that, at the time, also caused viewers to be confused about who was in the film. The use of computer-generated imagery (CGI), along with the fact that Miles and Tom have very similar face structures, is partly responsible for the remarkable resemblance between the two characters.

Is Tom Cruise in a relationship with Paris Hilton?

That rules out the possibility that Tom and Paris are dating. Those who follow Paris are probably aware that since 2021 she has been living a happily married life with her husband Carter Reum. As for Tom, he was most recently connected to his girlfriend Hayley Atwell; however, it looks as if the couple has lately parted ways for a second time.

Miles Fisher is the actor who appears in Paris Hilton’s video and has been described as looking very much like Tom Cruise. Together with the Belgian visual effects expert Chris Umé, he established the business Metaphysic. The business has made a name for itself as a leader in deepfake technology.

After pointing out his striking likeness to the Mission: Impossible actor, Miles Fisher shot to the top of the social media popularity charts. Under the handle @deeptomcruise, Fisher is the owner of his own personal TikTok account, which he shares with Umé. On the site, the two users have gathered more than three million followers between them.

“But what was working behind closed doors did not work out so well when it was made public, and the hysteria around them as a couple escalated anew,”

Paris hilton and tom cruise together
Paris hilton and tom cruise together

They went on to say that “unfortunately, it has not worked out for them.” They have reached the conclusion that it is best for them to remain friends. Robert Reum, the current CEO of Amsted Industries, is Carter Reum’s father. Amsted Industries is one of the biggest privately held businesses in the United States.

Carter has followed in his father’s footsteps and become a successful businessman. Carter and his brother founded the all-natural vodka firm VEEV Spirits together. Carter is the company’s CEO. After that, in 2016, he sold the liquor company so that he could devote his whole attention to his investment firm, M13, which includes holdings in firms such as Lyft, Classpass, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

On November 11, 2021, Paris and Carter hitched the marriage at the $61.5 million Bel-Air houses that belonged to Paris’s recently deceased grandpa, Barron. It is a joke, and no, it is not the real Tom Cruise. Please accept my apology. Miles Fisher, who plays Tom Cruise in impersonation, is standing there, but the only way you could know who he is is by his height. Someone on TikTok made the insightful observation that “Tom Cruise isn’t that tall lol.”

Whatever the case may be, the film persuaded thousands of viewers while also leaving them perplexed. Comments include, “Wait a darn minute?” as well as, “What the heck is going on,” and “Wait, is this the real Tom Cruise, or the computer-created one?”