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Paige Love Island Leaving

Paige Love Island Leaving – On Love Island, things have been tumultuous since Jacques O’Neill decided to leave the programme with just a few weeks left.

Jacques, 23, told his girlfriend Paige Thorne: “You know how much you mean to me. In spite of my best efforts, things are starting to get to me.

To put it simply, “I wish I could end my adventure with you in here, but I have to go for home today.”

In the meantime, you appear to be thoroughly enjoying your stay here. I’m not at all. I’ll be waiting for you if you simply do what you have to do and listen. It’s good to do what you need to do. When I’m gone, don’t even think about me.”

Paige Love Island Leaving
Paige Love Island Leaving

Fans of the programme are now wondering if Paige would resign as well, so here’s what we know…

To the suggestions that Love Island contestant Paige Thorne should have left the island with partner Jacques O’Neill, the family of Paige Thorne has responded.

After Jacques announced his departure from the programme on Tuesday, saying, “I just can’t remain around and not be myself,” the show’s execs have weighed in. Jacques had informed Paige he preferred she stay in the villa alone and that he would be waiting outside for her when she returned.

Some viewers, including Islander Luca Bish, have stated that Paige should have left the competition with Jacques, saying in a confessional, “I didn’t imagine he’d be leaving alone.”

In a recent Instagram post, Paige’s family responds to the criticism levelled at her decision to remain on the show.

Instagram’s family, who are in charge of the 24-year-account, old’s released a message on her Stories about the response from users.

They penned a letter “The #BeKind hashtag applies to Paige as well. If she chooses to leave the property, she has no responsibility to follow Jacques — this is her experience just as much as his.”

“There [are] just 2.5 weeks remaining of her once-in-a-lifetime adventure, let’s not see her come out to negativity,” the message said.

On Tuesday night’s episode, Jacques had an emotional farewell and left the show. On the patio, he said to Paige, “However, as much as I’d like to stay with you, I have to return home today. Going home is the only way for me to get back to my old self..”

Before leaving the island with his partner Paige, Jacques told his fellow Islanders gathered around the fire pit, “I need to be my best for me and Paige to work together.” I’m going to make sure that what I’ve got going on the inside also works on the exterior,” he continued.

We’ve seen Paige talking to new bombshell Adam Collard since then, and the two even went on a date to the secluded terrace.

Luca commented, “I didn’t expect he’d be departing alone,” when discussing his feelings regarding Jacques’ departure from the Beach Hut.

As one viewer commented, “Yeah Luca he believed Paige would leave with him,” viewers at home were eager to note the statement.

Paige Love Island Leaving
Paige Love Island Leaving

“Luca questioned Paige why you still here,” said another, and a third posted: “Luca has insinuated twice that Paige should’ve left.”

Paige’s ex-boyfriend Jacques had assured her that he would wait for her and that he wanted to remain her boyfriend on the outside world.

Inquiries from LoVeIsland 2022 viewers include, “Has Paige departed yet?” First Look footage for the July 14 episode reveal that rumours about Paige’s departure are unfounded. Former ITV2 co-star Jacques O’Neill, who Paige didn’t follow when he left the villa earlier this week, has been critical of her decision to not follow her.

After Jacques’ departure, Paige was plainly gloomy, but she has also expressed interest in Adam Collard, the Islanders’ newest player. It’s reasonable to assume that Paige’s Love Island trip isn’t over yet. Let’s find out whether the rumours about her leaving Love Island 2022 really true.

Fans may have anticipated Paige to follow Jacques out of the villa, which may be one of the reasons why she’s been said to have quit.

There is a good chance, however, that the rumours are the result of viral tweets.

On July 13th, a tweet says in part: “Paige has left the Villa omggggg!!! My buddy witnessed Jacques pick her up from Terminal 3 of Heathrow Airport!!”

According to the Daily Mail, a Love Island fan page on Facebook was also the source of phoney news regarding Paige.

Paige says, “I do really like Adam” in a preview of the July 14 Love Island First Look.

There’s no telling what the future holds for Adam and Paige after their date in episode 38.

Paige Love Island Leaving
Paige Love Island Leaving

More couples, including Andrew and Tasha, can be seen getting to know one other in the First Look film. There are also signs that Billy and Danica are getting to know one another better.

Even though Jacques assured Paige that he preferred that she stay in the villa with him and that he would be there for her when she emerged, will she still be interested in him after what happened between him and Cheyanne Kerr at Casa Amor?

Returning Islander Adam Collard has been stirring the pot and sowing seeds of doubt in her mind as to whether she should give Jacques another opportunity. The latter possibility is possible.

“In the past, I’ve dated a lot of individuals and I’ve done all of that. Then then, when I’ve been in a relationship with someone, I’ve always been 100% committed to them

“He said, “to them.” “As a result of this, everyone will be in the spotlight, and everyone will be in the spotlight a lot. However, I’ve been there and done it, so I know what to expect. Like other lads, I don’t feel the need to get that out of my system.

In order to avoid offending anybody, “I’m not going to precisely say this because I’m not that sort of person, but I feel that some of the guys here are going to want to do that.”

Paige Love Island Leaving
Paige Love Island Leaving

The adoring admirer remarked, ” “I was taken aback when I met him at the airport in Palma Nova since I hadn’t seen the episodes because I was on vacation.

Astonishment and disbelief greeted everyone at the airport.

To this, he said in an interview with Hull Live: “I was moved by the fact that he took the time to pose for a photo with fans after he conveyed his thoughts to the audience on Tuesday night. Jacques’s reputation was forever altered as a result of this.” He promised to wait for Paige as he left the concert and promised to pick her up from the airport. However, it looks like Paige is already over Jaques.

Paige is heard saying in the show’s first peek teaser ahead of Thursday night’s episode: “Adam has a certain allure for me.

It pains me to use the phrase “fanny flutters,” but it’s true.