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Olivia Attwood Boyfriend

Olivia Attwood Boyfriend: During her time on the programme, Olivia fell in love with Chris Hughes, with whom she dated until February 2018, when the pair decided to part ways. Olivia was then spotted seeing Bradley on and off for a while until the pair were engaged in October of this year.

Olivia shared a photo of the two of them on her Instagram account at the time, with the caption: “He’s got to be insane… Here’s to the rest of your life. I really like you, BD.”

Olivia Attwood Boyfriend
Olivia Attwood Boyfriend

Olivia, 29, who is engaged to 26-year-old footballer Bradley Dack, revealed that her then ex-boyfriend showed up at her apartment shortly before she was supposed to depart for the performance.

On PrettyLittleThing’s Behind Closed Doors podcast, Olivia said that she and Bradley had been dating on and off for a while, but that Bradley wasn’t ready to make the ‘commitment’ at the time.

However, she claims that he showed up at the last minute the night before she was scheduled to appear on the ITV2 dating programme.

‘I told him this is what was happening,’ she said, and he was absolutely quiet on the phone, prompting Olivia to conclude, ‘You didn’t want to commit or anything so this is what happened.’

Olivia started the following on her Instagram account: “You asked me to marry you the last time we were together, and now the issue is… how has that question aged for you, pal?

“Putting aside the jokes, you are an obnoxious man kid and a surly wheelchair passenger, to say the least.

Not a day goes by that I don’t feel glad for having you in my life and for helping me feel a love that I didn’t even know existed. Thank you for the most wonderful Christmas I have ever had.”

Speaking with New! Magazine earlier this month, Olivia shared her thoughts on why she and Bradley had reached a turning point in their relationship.

Are Olivia and Bradley still together?

She expressed herself as follows: “Because of that time apart, I believe we would not be in the position we are in today.

“We’ve both matured tremendously, and we’ve come to realise how insanely in love we are with one other.

“He liked me before Love Island, but after he realised how serious he felt about me, he stepped back into the relationship with a whole new mentality, and I felt the same way.

“Look, we’re not perfect and we’re still working on our relationship, but it’s a lot more enjoyable than it would be if it just worked.

“However, I returned from Germany with only a few days to pack. My closest friend was coming to my home to assist me in packing, and I was being picked up by a chaperone from the show at 5 a.m. “However, I returned from Germany with only a few days to pack.

Olivia Attwood Boyfriend
Olivia Attwood Boyfriend

“He [Bradley] showed up at my apartment in the middle of the night the night before I departed.” He’d experienced something like a penny dropping.”

Bradley, on the other hand, evidently did not do enough to prevent Olivia from appearing on Love Island, and she did a wonderful job, as Olivia has said that she found the programme “therapeutic” and that she was “unapologetically herself.”

“What I discovered by doing Love Island in a strange way because you’d think it would have the opposite impact, is that it really had the opposite effect.”

Who is Olivia’s fiance?

‘Love Island’ actress Olivia Attwood has stated that she has “no regrets” over falling into a disastrous affair with Chris Hughes while filming the show in the vila in 2017.

The Cheshire-based beauty ended her romance with her footballer boyfriend Bradley Dack soon before joining the villa, and she subsequently began a romantic connection with Chris.

Even though their stormy relationship was filled with ups and downs, the couple was rewarded after they left the villa with their own reality programme called Crackin’ On.

Olivia Attwood Boyfriend
Olivia Attwood Boyfriend

However, the relationship did not endure, and they were no longer together before the programme had even ended taping, with Olivia returning to her ex-boyfriend Bradley for a second time.

Olivia was afterwards subjected to accusations that her relationship with Chris had been “faked,” which they both refuted, but she maintains that she has no regrets about her decision.

“I don’t have any regrets about whatever I did when I was in there,” Olivia said in an interview with the Daily Star.

Following her engagement to Blackburn Rovers footballer Bradley in 2019, Olivia announced that she wanted to marry him at Grantley Hall the following year. Olivia had fallen in love with the stunning wedding location while filming sequences for her ITVBe reality series Olivia Meets Her Match.

She is unaffected by the fact that she would have to postpone her long-awaited wedding day since it provides her with an excuse when others ask her and Bradley about when they plan to start a family.

In a speech at the launch of her clothing line on Wednesday night at London’s W hotel, she said that she was not in a rush to have children.

‘They are not interesting to me, they are not entertaining to me, I find them really dull, so if I have another year to say, “Oh sorry, we are not having children because we are not married,” even though we will be married, I’ll still be like hmmm… Our relationship isn’t in a rush; he’s not going away, and I’m not going anywhere, either.

‘I envision myself having children in the future. I really want to start a family. Nevertheless, I believe that having just reached 30, there is now no appeal, and this is my honest view. It is not acceptable for me to spend an afternoon with my friends or their children. I say no, no, no. ‘It’s a struggle.’

Naturally, their love didn’t continue much longer outside of the villa, and Olivia ended up reuniting with her previous boyfriend Bradley Dack, with whom she is now engaged to be married in the near future.

In an interview with ITV2, Olivia stated that she and Brad had talked ‘how insane’ their journey together had been after their breakup before she appeared on the ITV2 dating programme, which had left their relationship “up in the air.”

‘I thought I’d seen the last of me while I was on Love Island,’ she said to the Mail Online. I had decided to quit my relationship with him, but I landed myself in another one that turned out to be really toxic and all-consuming. And sometimes that’s exactly what occurs, and it forces you back into a relationship with your ex.

Olivia Attwood Boyfriend
Olivia Attwood Boyfriend

‘After that, it took us a solid year to get back on our feet as a couple.’ ‘I wasn’t sure what to think anymore.’