Niomi Smart Engagement

Niomi Smart Engagement
Niomi Smart Engagement

Niomi Smart Engagement: Despite announcing their engagement nine months ago, Niomi Smart has revealed the sad news of her separation from fiance Joe Woodward.

After meeting Joe Woodward, son of former rugby player Sir Clive Woodward, in 2016, the YouTube celebrity proposed to him in December of that year.

However, rumors began to swirl recently that the pair was no longer together when Niomi was photographed on many occasions without her emerald engagement ring on her finger.

According to Niomi’s most recent video, she addressed the allegations and verified the news, saying, “Unfortunately, Joe and I have split.” My sincere apologies if this comes as a complete surprise to you, but the previous four years have been amazing and filled with love, and I have absolutely no regrets about anything that happened.

‘Everything happens for a purpose and everything happens for a reason. So, despite the fact that not everything has gone according to plan for Joe and me, I believe that everything happens for a purpose and that this is life’s amusing way of putting us back on the correct track.

Even though I believed myself to be correct at the time, I was on the incorrect road, and I have since been directed to the correct one.

Niomi Smart Engagement
Niomi Smart Engagement

She went on to say, “I instantly went into healing mode…” But, it’s been a few weeks since the ordeal began and I feel so much stronger and more optimistic as if I’ve closed the door on a truly wonderful chapter of my life and opened the door to a new one.’

At a snapshot of the two of them taken in Camber Sands, where Joe proposed, Niomi, 28, confirmed their engagement to Joe, 28, last Christmas.

Niomi Smart has confirmed that she and Joe Woodward have ended their relationship. In a recent video, the YouTuber addressed the subject of their breakup.

Niomi Smart has revealed that she and Joe Woodward have ended their relationship, according to reports.

Following Niomi’s disappearance from social media for a few weeks, many have speculated that the couple had ended their relationship.

This is what the blogger said at the time: “Please accept my apologies for my absence during the next several days. I haven’t been feeling well, and I believe that spending a few days away from technology will be beneficial to my mind, body, and spirit. I trust you have grasped the situation.”

Niomi Smart Engagement
Niomi Smart Engagement

Fans have flooded her with messages of love and support following the release of a new video in which she finally speaks about what occurred.

Many of Niomi’s admirers have sent words of love and support to her, expressing their hope that she is in a better position today than she was before.

One fan commented on Niomi’s YouTube video, saying, “sending you so much love, i’m so pleased you’re in a good place with it all now! ” “Wow, you’re incredible.”

One of her fans expressed his or her sorrow at the startling news, saying, “I wish you all the best, Niomi, and I hope you can get back up to a decent position.”

Some of Niomi’s fans have voiced their surprise that she and Joe had ended their relationship.

Niomi Smart Engagement
Niomi Smart Engagement

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