Reviews Reviews Reviews: A second from the smooth, porosity of your skin. With this Face Primer, give your face the ideal face maquillage foundation. The smoother immediate skin eliminates the presence of the pores in seconds, leaving the skin with a soft matt finish.

Our make-up artists have created a light, respiratory formula for make-up glide and combine well for professional results with our research laboratories. The blurred cream may be worn alone or in a base for a porous, smooth skin that is wrong. Reviews

The first cream can also be used as a “makeup before makeup” when it acts both as a highly efficient port concealer thus increasing the time oil takes to reach the skin. In this situation, the Pore Concealer Cream provides a favorable surface to simplify the application and hold the other make-up in shape for longer periods of time. Reviews

Thanks to the optimum quality of the Pore Concealer Primer Cream, the surface of the skin is coated smoothly, uniformly, and therefore easily with precision and quickly achieved the desired result. In addition, the Pore Concealer Cream is water-resistant, guarantees comfort, and stays confident until you decide to remove it. Reviews