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Naja Bras Net Worth

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Naja Bras Net Worth (2022): $3.5 Million That’s a huge net worth…

Catalina is not only the founder of Naja but also serves as its CEO and Creative Director. Naja was established to empower women in all aspects of the lingerie industry, from the user to the garment workers. Catalina also established Underwear for Hope, a sewing program for disadvantaged single mothers that provides training and employment opportunities. Gina Rodriguez, who won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy Series for her role in “Jane the Virgin,” is one of the people behind the creation of Catalina.

Naja Bras Net Worth
Naja Bras Net Worth

Catalina Gerald appeared on Shark Tank to secure a $500,000 investment in return for a 5% ownership position in her company, Naja. During the presentation, Kevin then asks Catalina how she got to the estimate of 10 million dollars and wants to know how she did it.

Catalina said that the worth was determined by the amount of money the Naja brand had previously raised.

Finally, all the Sharks withdrew from the agreement, leaving Catalina without any investment in Naja. This is mainly because Catalina overestimated the brand’s value, which caused the other Sharks to back out.

The Sharks are always interested in hearing about new businesses that are just getting started and have already shown the viability of their idea by meeting or surpassing their first financial goal.

The Kickstarter campaign run by Naja ended on July 25, 2014, with an additional $25,000.00 being funded to provide excellent lingerie to the market at more affordable prices.

In this episode of “Shark Tank,” Catalina approaches the panel of investors with a request for an investment of $500,000 in return for a 5% ownership in the firm. Her company is competing in the women’s underwear sector, which is estimated to be worth $14 billion, and the time has come to introduce a new lingerie brand.

She hands out samples, but Robert does not offer to try them on. Each item of underwear has a secret message sewn into it. Catalina claims she made $145,000 in only five months of work. The margins of 72 percent had Robert feeling rather pleased.

Mr. Wonderful asks Catalina about the reasoning behind the company’s valuation of $10 million, and Catalina explains that the sum was determined by looking at prior attempts at fundraising.

She says she works in Silicon Valley venture capital and feels that Mark would comprehend the company’s value. Before this, the business had already received 850 thousand dollars at a value of 5 million. The foundation of Naja’s business lies in procuring raw materials and producing her wares.

Catalina Gerald, the founder and CEO of Naja pronounced “Nih-Haya”), has entered the Shark Tank to secure an investment of $500,000 in return for 5% of her business. Catalina begins by discussing Naja’s mission statement, which states that she thinks the market is ready for a new lingerie company. In addition to being superior to other brands, Naja also contributes to a more favorable global environment.

They operate a program called “Underwear for Hope” that teaches sewing to single moms raising their children alone. After that, these single moms are put to work as employees and paid for the finished item. When you buy anything from Naja, you are directly contributing to the well-being of a disadvantaged woman somewhere in the world.

Naja is helping to disrupt the lingerie market, which is now worth $14 billion,n and is also providing assistance to women in need. After that, Catalina gives each Shark a product sample, and Robert jokes about how he won’t try it.

Daymond receives one of the first samples from the new collection that Naja is working on. Mark receives Rocker Girl Blue, which matches the colors of the Dallas Mavericks. Robert receives the Dog lingerie. Lori receives the Sparrow Collection set. Kevin receives the Koala Bear lingerie. Robert receives the Dog lingerie. Kevin receives the Koala Bear lingerie. Kevin receives the Koala Bear lingerie. Kevin receives the Koala Bear.

Each pair of underwear has a unique phrase on the inside, and Lori draws attention to the fact that hers reads, “I am not odd, I am limited edition.” In Robert’s, one should “be yourself, for everyone else is already taken.”

What Happened To Naja After Shark Tank?

Then, Naja goes on to explain that the majority of lingerie is manufactured for men and marketed toward men. Since Naja is a brand that caters to women, the company places the prints on the interior of the bras and pantyhose because the lingerie is intended for the woman who is wearing it and not the man who is wearing the lingerie for the woman.

After that, Robert inquires about the sales, which total around $145,000 afterfive5 and a half months of being in business. Catalina responds to Kevin’s question about the pricing of the lingerie by stating that the bra she is now wearing has a retail price of $60 and a production cost of $7. The margins come in at almost 72 percent.

Naja Bras Net Worth (2022)
Naja Bras Net Worth (2022)

Catalina claims she made $145,000 in sales in only five months. Robert is astounded by the margins, which come in at 72 percent. Mr. Wonderful is curious about the reasoning behind the company’s valuation of $10 million, and Catalina explains that the number is based on the amount of money they’ve previously brought in. She claims that she comes from the world of venture capital in Silicon Valley and that Mark would comprehend the value. Previously, the company received $850,000 in funding at a value of $5 million.

According to Naja, how she procures her raw materials and manufactures her wares makes up her brand. Mr. Wonderful believes that a person’s brand is everything, but she is not yet a brand. Mark responds by stating that the value predates someone else’s positive response to her argument. Mark is not happy with her sales stats and believes that she should have a higher percentage of repeat customers than the current 14 percent and that there should be more enthusiasm.

Mark leaves, and Robert immediately follows after him. In Mr. Wonderful’s opinion, the value is absurd, and he advises that she focus on generating income instead. Catalina responded by saying,g “that’s not happening,g” when he said he needed a 50 percent contribution if he were to provide500,000 dollars. Kevin decides to go out. Lori claims that she’s seen a lot of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs get too caught up in raising money and not getting down to “brass tacks,” so she’s decided not to invest in their businesses.

Catalina responds that her approach to negotiation in the Shark Tank hasn’t been very successful when Daymond wonders how it worked out for her. Although Daymond claims she was wrong when correcting the Sharks, he likes the designs. He claims he cannot compete with her worth in any way.

Mark tells her that she has to make some calculations, and Catalina estimates she will earn $14 million. Lori is curious about the origin of the number, but Robert thinks the figure is entirely illogical. Daymond thinks that the funds that have been invre “dumb money.” He wishes the value was more reasonable; if it were, he would have put all of his money into it, but now he won’t be participating.

Naja Bras Net Worth (2022)