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Mizzue Bag Review

Mizzue Bag: The ‘Helen Angélique’ tote bag with slick PU leather inserts displaying futuristic elegance features a fashionable sculptural change connected by a rotary curve. This color blocking accessory, fitted with a detachable cross-border strap, turns heads as you drive.

Mizzue Bag Review
Mizzue Bag Review

All who knows me knows that when it comes to luggage, I have pretty little maintenance. I don’t go to high-end bags and I’m glad to take my $10 H&M tote everywhere I go.

I have a beautiful yellow light Mizzue lying in a dust bag somewhere, but I don’t use it often – not because I don’t bear using it but because I just don’t get stuck in pulling it out.

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Mizzue Bag Review

I was over the moon when Mizzue sent me this classic bag Blanch Brawley. I really bored with my tote that doesn’t match any of my work outfits, to be frank. Not that anyway, I’m all a business dressed for work.

Is mizzue branded

The ‘Rosalie Feeny’ bucket bag has a little pouch bag that may be used to store financial basics, house keys, and other valuables within the bag. With an incredibly gorgeous buckle belt design for an additional feminine touch, this item is made from the best PU leather.

The bag is embellished with a gold-tone branding plaque charm and gleaming studs, yet it retains its adaptability thanks to its comfortable rolling top handles and a convenient detachable strap. Inside, there is plenty of space, thanks to a strong snap clasp.

When it comes to my luggage, everyone who knows me knows that I’m quite low-maintenance when it comes to them. I don’t care for high-end bags and am quite content with my $10 H&M cloth tote, which I can take wherever. I do have a wonderful light yellow Miu Miu purse tucked away someplace in the dust bag, but I don’t use it very frequently – not because it’s bad, but because it’s just not my style.

Mizzue Bag Review
Mizzue Bag Review

Not because I don’t want to use it, but more because I can’t be bothered to pull it out of the cabinet…

….. #truestory….. As a result, I was overjoyed when mizzue brought me this vintage Blanch Brawley crossbody purse in my favourite colour. To be quite honest, I was becoming more disinterested in my cotton tote, which…

Take a look at the front pocket with a leather zipper. Having a front pocket makes it much easy for me to place my office access card in there. I don’t have to go through my bag to find it. I only have to open the zip file once and I know it will always be there.

I prefer to have a dedicated compartment for each of my must-have products, and I keep them all together in the same compartment. Not only is it simple for me to remember, but it also makes it simpler to locate items when they are required.

As far as I’m concerned, MIZZUE is the ideal online destination for satisfying my handbag purchasing cravings, according to Nerd. There are a few of reasons why I prefer MIZZUE handbags: the majority of MIZZUE handbags are trendy, smart, chic, modern, exquisite, adaptable, and functional, among other characteristics. It’s the perfect companion for day excursions, commuting, and weekend activities.

These handbags, which range from carry-all hobos to structured shoulder bags, are ideal for every occasion, whether you’re heading to work or going out for drinks with your pals.

The Taryn Beckert 2-in-1 Tote in burgundy, on the other hand, is a really big tote, and I picked the colour burgundy since it compliments my normal business clothes. This tote, which is beautifully created from posh-finish vegan PU leather with gold-tone hardware, can be used for a variety of occasions from casual to formal.

I’ve selected six of the bags you can see in the very first image you see above, all of which I’d love to possess if they didn’t get filthy. Despite the fact that I adore the colour pink, I’m well aware of how readily objects in that shade of baby pink become ruined. As a result, when it comes to bags and clothing, I prefer to stick to the same old black. Haha! If the wonderful pink objects are on sale for $1 each, I may be persuaded to carry them home with me.

Mizzue Bags price

Fashion, in my opinion, is not about being completely manufactured, excessively glossy, and unrealistic. In addition to dressing up to appear nice, it is important to embrace your body through the clothes you choose to put on.

Fashion should be effortless and uncomplicated, which is why I’ll be posting frequent style pieces on the everyday realistic ensembles (most of which will be casual) that I wear.

I’m going to do a quick feature on two lovely and adaptable bags from mizzue, a local firm that specialises in PU leather purses and other accessories. Rosalie Feeny bucket bag in pink and Taryn Beckert 2-in-1 tote set in burgundy are the bags that I’ve chosen.

Even though pink isn’t a colour that I usually go towards, this adorable baby pink bucket bag caught my eye while I was looking around the site.

Here’s an outfit post including my new purse. I’ve been using it virtually every day for work because it is both really functional and visually appealing. This bag is presently available for purchase at a reduced price of RM 250.90, compared to the regular price of RM 357.90. Isn’t it a good deal?

If muave is not your colour of choice, you can choose from blue or turquoise instead. It is difficult for me to choose between the colours because so many of my outfits are in muted or light pink tones, which makes it simpler for me to match, hehe… By the way, did you know that Mizzue has a 7-day return policy in the event that you change your mind about purchasing something?

Mizzue Bag Review
Mizzue Bag Review