Misen Cookware Review

Misen Cookware Review: The pots and cupolas of Misen consist of many aluminum layers coated in stainless steel. Aluminum uniformly distributes heat to the pieces when stainless steel protects them, making them appear fantastic and prevents aluminum from being flushed into your eggs or sauce, turning it into uncomfortably grey.

We immediately found that Misen was heavier than other brands, so the heat was slower and preheated longer. It also means that burning or sparking foods is less likely.

The panels are buckled in stainless steel and the pole is polished. There’s an assistant handle on the sauté pan that’s helpful because this is really heavy for starting. We wanted one on the 3-quarter cup, too.

What we like
Price is lower than that of proven brands’ cookware.
Heat is uniformly distributed.

The pot handles remain cool enough for cooking in stovetops.

What we don’t like

No 12 inch pot, no stick or extra-large pot is included in it.

The handles are rivet-mounted, making cleaning difficult.

The bottom line
Misen is the cookware of high quality, which compares efficiency with All-Clad but is slightly lower. The Starter Cookware Package is well called as anyone who cooks for more than two people will need bigger pans for boiling spaghetti, stews, or soup in the near future.