Melissa Johns Corrie Character

Melissa Johns Corrie Character
Melissa Johns Corrie Character

Melissa Johns Corrie Character: Melissa Johns is a British actor who works as a disability rights activist. In addition to Coronation Street, she is best known for her roles as Hannah Taylor in Mike Bartlett’s BBC One drama Life and Imogen Pascoe in Life. Melissa is an advocate for the improved portrayal of people with disabilities in the arts, both on and off the screen and on the stage, and she is a disability ambassador.

She was born in Herefordshire and grew up in the town of Ledbury, which is also in Herefordshire. She was born with only one forearm and one hand on her right side. Johns comes from a working-class family and makes frequent allusions to this in her remarks. Her father, Michael Johns, comes from Romany Gypsy family background. Jason Johns, her brother, is also a successful actor.

Johns received his acting training at East 15 Acting School, and since graduation, he has worked in television, theatre, and radio. During her time at East 15, she was one of the first handicapped performers to be awarded the Laurence Olivier Bursary Award, which she received during her time there.

Johns was chosen as one of 21 actors for the BAFTA Elevate program, which took place in 2019. In addition to Jo in SKY’s I Hate Suzie, Beth Fennel in FLACK, SKY’s In The Long Run, BBC’s Casualty, SILK, and Doctors are among her other television credits.

Melissa Johns Corrie Character
Melissa Johns Corrie Character

In addition to One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest at Sheffield Crucible, Emilia in OthelloMacbeth at Lyric Hammersmith/HOME, and Graeae’s The Iron Man, she has appeared in other plays. In collaboration with The Lowry and the Arts Council of England, Johns is now producing SNATCHED, a one-woman show.

Between 2017 and 2020, she received several awards, including the JCI’s Ten Outstanding Young Persons in the United Kingdom, the Shaw Trust’s Power List – the United Kingdom’s 100 most influential disabled people, the JCI’s Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World, and being nominated for the National Diversity Awards’ Positive Role Model of the Year Award.

In recognition of her disability advocacy efforts in the arts, Johns was named Alumna of the Year 2019 for the University of Essex & East 15 Acting School by her peers.

It was in 2018 when her smartphone was hacked, and her private photographs were made public. Johns took use of the circumstance to speak out against body shaming and to break down social taboos surrounding disability, sex, and body dysmorphia, among other things.

The event served as inspiration for the BBC Radio 4 drama In My Own Skin, which was written by Debbie Oates alongside Johns and starred Johns in the lead role. The return of Imogen Pascoe to Coronation Street is expected to have a significant impact on the show this Christmas.

Imogen, played by Melissa Johns, returns to Weatherfield as part of a plot involving Kate Connor and Rana Nazir, who had recently announced their engagement.

Melissa Johns Corrie Character
Melissa Johns Corrie Character

Melissa reprises her role as Imogen as the Kana romance hits a snag, with Kate adamant on becoming a mother while Rana is hesitant whether or not to do so.

Restaurant owner Robert Preston is said to be lining up to be a sperm donor for the pair after trying to come to terms with his fiancee Michelle Connor’s opposition to having another child.

When Imogen dated Kate, portrayed by Faye Brookes in the previous season, Rana was irritated, and Rana was secretly harboring a crush on her best friend, which eventually developed into love.

She was last seen on our screens in October of last year, and she is scheduled to return to the show in December of this year. “I’m not a disabled actor, but an actor with a disability,” Melissa says, referring to her role as Melissa on Coronation Street. Melissa is also a disability rights activist.

A statement on her online acting profile reads, “I was fortunate enough to be born with just one arm, which allows me to take advantage of half-price manicures and afford to discard the “other glove.”

“I, along with many other handicapped performers, am always working to alter the way disability is seen in this business,” the description continues.

“Having a handicap has never been a hindrance in my life.” says the author. With the exception of when I’m attempting to chop steak or tie my hair up.

“For me, it’s about having a different perspective on the world than individuals who do not have impairments and, as a result, having a different perspective on life.”

Melissa Johns Corrie Character
Melissa Johns Corrie Character

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