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Well, her life wasn’t happy before when she chose to become woman. He felt like a woman at the age of fifteen and admitted her transformation as a woman to his parents. The Family of Fontanez embraced and supported her decision, but she was forbidden to go to church and school and was expelled from society.

How did she get started?
She began her company with just $40 in 2006, which now generates thousands of dollars and leads her to be the most powerful direct sales office for Spanish consulting companies. Her Mas Dinero Y Web site was created which proved a great help for communicating with the needy.

She decided to leave the hippy life and joined the sales and marketing world where she was world-wide popular. Reviews

The result

Diana has also built a wide network of followers on her social media pages, in addition to her business, which she carries across the internet and her home comfort. She has over 330,000 Facebook fans and over 50,000 Instagram fans. She also puts her talent to make people laugh at Mas Dinero Y Fama Come’s comedy and drama and efforts.

Although Diana Fontanez has had many incidents and looks from the people, she is very happy that she lives in the city of Orlando. diana fontanez

Diana Fontanez is a transsexual actress, comedian, and businesswoman who identifies as female. She is extremely well-known all over the world, and she has millions of followers on her social media accounts.

He grew raised in awful circumstances in Puerto Rico, yet he has managed to achieve fairly well for himself in life. Having begun her career with only $40 in the year 2006, she has grown to become a well-established consultant in the field of direct sales.

She came out as a transgender person when she was 15 years old, and she has experienced many ups and downs in her life since then. She had also been involved in prostitution at one point in her life, but she decided she wanted to pursue a different path in life. She feels that it is her life experiences that have shaped her into the woman she is today.

Her current source of income comes from her firm, Mas Dinero Y Fama.Com. Despite the fact that she was not recognized by society, her family stood by her and provided their support. Reviews Reviews

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After all, her life wasn’t always this wonderful before she made the decision to become a woman. In his thirties, he began to feel like a woman and told his parents about his metamorphosis into a woman. He was 15 at the time.

Fontanez’s family, to her surprise, embraced and supported her decision; yet, she was banned from society and prevented from attending church or school as a result of this.

He sold his body when he was 18 years old in order to raise money for his survival. She used to hide in a bookshop while battling for her life, where she would read books that would transform her life forever.

When she started her firm in 2006 with just $40, she had no idea how successful she would become. Today, she earns thousands of dollars in revenue and is the most effective direct sales office for Spanish consulting organizations. Her Mas Dinero Y Web site was built, and it has proven to be a tremendous asset in her efforts to communicate with the less fortunate.

She made the decision to abandon the hippie lifestyle and enter the world of sales and marketing, where she quickly became well-known across the world.

In addition to her company, which she conducts from the comfort of her own home, Diana Fontanez has amassed a large number of followers on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

She has around 330000 Facebook admirers and more than 50,000 Instagram followers. She also uses her ability to make people laugh via humor and drama, as well as through her work with Mas Dinero Y Fama.Com.

Diana Fontanez is glad to be a resident of Orlando’s neighborhood, despite the numerous incidents and strange stares she has experienced from the general public over the years. The mayor of Orlando, together with Commissioner Sheehan, declared the week of November 12-19 as Transgender Awareness Week a few weeks ago. Reviews Reviews