Marjorie Taylor Greene net worth

Marjorie Taylor Greene net worth
Marjorie Taylor Greene net worth

Marjorie Taylor Greene net worth: Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was a consistent critic of Internet corporations such as Facebook for allegedly suppressing and suppressing pro-Trump Republicans. She campaigned on a promise to battle what she dubbed the “Silicon Valley Cartel” after being elected to Congress.

Greene’s anti-technology stance has been amplified significantly during her first two months on Capitol Hill. However, soon after her inauguration, she surreptitiously divested significant stock interests in the same corporations she had so vehemently criticized—netting a tidy profit in the process.

Greene and her husband sold between $49,000 and $210,000 worth of shares in Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon on Jan. 20, according to their most recent financial disclosure form, which was issued on Feb. 19.

It is unknown how much Greene and her husband, Perry, earned from each firm’s shares since congressional papers only give broad ranges of values, but it might have been as much as $65,000 for the four technology stocks. Some claims were jointly held by the couple, while her husband entirely held others.

Greene’s only other available financial disclosure form, submitted in May 2020 while she was a candidate, discloses up to $65,000 in collective or spousal ownership of Apple stock, $30,000 in Facebook stock, $30,000 in Amazon shares and $15,000 in Google shares. The couple profited from the sale of their property in January—the official form cites capital gains above $200—but the exact amount is unclear.

Marjorie Taylor Greene net worth
Marjorie Taylor Greene net worth

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a far-right conspiracy theorist and ardent Trump admirer won Tuesday’s Republican primary runoff for a congressional district in northwest Georgia.
Greene co-owns a construction firm with her husband and funded the majority of her House campaign alone.
She has a history of uttering racist, anti-Semitic, and Islamophobic slurs, and last week referred to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a “bitch” during her victory party.
Greene is also well-known for her baseless belief in the QAnon conspiracy theory. She will be the first member of Congress to embrace the QAnon conspiracy officially.
Her triumph creates a new problem for House Republicans, who initially distanced themselves from her but then welcomed her into the GOP conference after her runoff victory.

Marjorie Taylor Greene reiterated her fundamental point repeatedly: Democrats were ruining the nation, and she was prepared to battle them.

Marjorie Taylor Greene net worth
Marjorie Taylor Greene net worth

She propagated her message “Save America, Stop Socialism!” via stump speeches and social media postings, television advertisements and campaign billboards.” In one campaign commercial, she fired an AR-15 rifle from the back of a Humvee, blowing out a billboard with the word “socialist” written in red letters. Her campaign received national prominence as a result of the prank.

“This is why I’m running for Congress; America is the finest nation on Earth,” she told supporters in her northwest Georgia congressional district. “We can never let it to become a communist state.”

Greene’s campaign promoted her expertise as a co-owner of a family-owned construction company to prepare for her program. She bolstered this narrative with video advertisements and social media posts that portrayed her as a hands-on problem solver and construction executive.

Marjorie Taylor Greene net worth
Marjorie Taylor Greene net worth

Additionally, there is the apparent irony that Greene invested in, and eventually benefitted from, digital businesses that she had spent months condemning as authoritarian weapons of evil and social control. Greene’s spokesman did not reply to questions for comment about her stock sale or why she invested in the company in the first place.

As is the case with many hardline Trump Republicans, Greene’s politics are centered on “cancel culture” and Big Tech’s purported repression of individuals pushing pro-Trump ideas. Greene tweets fresh, boiling fury about them on a near-daily basis on her social media channels, where she has hundreds of thousands of followers.

Greene and her husband sold shares in Facebook on Jan. 20 for a net gain of up to $65,000. Facebook has been a consistent target for her as a candidate and as a member of Congress. Greene’s post in September, in which she posed with a pistol beside photographs of the progressive “Squad,” was deleted by the site because it incited violence.

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