Mally Face Defender Reviews

Mally Face Defender Reviews

Mally Face Defender Reviews: The best primary to make-up touch is Mally’s Evercolor Poreless Face Defender. This remarkable technology offers a pure and lighter formula that minimizes the presence of fine lines, decreases pores, and reduces brightness.

Face Defender gives you the smooth finish that makes make-up lock without the rough, ashy powder look. The effect is smooth, silky skin. It has a special sponge with a buffed finish.

Mally Face Defender Reviews


  1. It covers (lightly) the look of my pores.
  2. I like the product’s going a long way, a little bit.
  3. I like the mirror and packaging
  4. It gets rid of all the brilliance I have
  5. When my skin is oily, I can control the oil on my face perfectly.
Mally Face Defender Reviews


  1. At $40.00 it is very costly.
  2. I love the sponge, but I don’t know where to put it. Not to mention the Massive sponge!
  3. Occasionally, I find like my face feels a little “oily” after I’ve been on this for some time and I don’t believe it should.
  4. I guess I have to do it very regularly
Mally Face Defender Reviews


It’s not an inexpensive commodity. I bought myself at QVC and I got a tiny pack, but the price tag was $40.00 a heavy one. When I search QVC I found that a new choice has a full-size Face Defender and a journey size one WITH a sponge area on the base of the box. It’s been so important.

What’s this product, I don’t know. I know people who love this product and for them, it’s a sacred grail. It’s all right for me. Perhaps it’s going to work even better for me in the summer when my skin is awfully oily and wild. I’m always on my fence right now!