Luminance Red Reviews

Luminance Red Reviews

Luminance Red Reviews: The FDA-Cleared, LuminanceRED Luminance RED Luminance Cold Sore Treatment System provides a safe and highly efficient therapy that can immediately minimize the discomfort and the frequency of the outbreak by shortening the treatment period by approximately half. The RED light is illuminated and a countdown time of 60 seconds is begun.

Take the Luminance RED tip from the region you want to handle approximately half an inch.

Luminance Red Reviews

Simple to purify

After using, gently rinse the metal head with the unit turned down for 10 seconds. Using a 70% isopropyl alcohol mixture applied to cleanse the head using a cloth or alcohol prep pad.

Patients cared for average healing time: 3,1 days were used for the full healing of untreated patients; an average of 8,9 days. Reduced HEALING TIME:

IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF: the category of treatments averaged an immediate decrease of 92 percent compared to a decrease of 1 percent in non-treatment groups.

In Dallas Texas Luminance RED has been designed. On the basis of clinical trials and their outcomes, everything about the device is carefully optimized.

Irradiance: 100mW/cm2 (squared in miliwatts / cm)

Nanometer length: 660 + – 12.5

Luminance Red Reviews

60 second treatment with Joules: 6.0 J Joules

Easy-to-use automated countdown show

Charging foundation rechargeable battery