Lisa Brennan-jobs net worth

Lisa Brennan-jobs net worth
Lisa Brennan-jobs net worth

Lisa Brennan-jobs net worth: Now 42 years old and a Harvard graduate, Lisa Brennan-Jobs had a very different upbringing than her half-siblings, whose father raised her in a different environment.

Her upbringing was often accompanied by accounts of her having had some harmful interactions with Jobs. Jobs said that Lisa was the product of a long-term, on-and-off romance and that he was not her biological father.

As a result, Lisa and her mother, Chrisann Brennan, would spend the next few years battling Jobs to ensure that alimony and other living costs were paid.

Jobs even consented to undergo a DNA test that confirmed he was Lisa’s father, but he remained firm in his belief that he could not be her father despite the results.

Despite his denial of fatherhood, he continued to pay Lisa’s mother $385 in alimony, which was subsequently increased to $500. Lisa’s mother was struggling to make ends meet at the time.

Years later, when Lisa and Jobs became closer and spent more time together, they discovered that money was still a source of contention in their relationship.

Lisa Brennan-jobs net worth
Lisa Brennan-jobs net worth

Laurene Powell Jobs, Jobs’ wife, received the majority of her husband’s wealth, which consisted mostly of stock in Apple and Disney. She is now worth $18.8 billion, making her the 58th wealthiest person on the globe and the sixth-richest woman on the globe, according to Forbes magazine.

However, Jobs’ widow was not the only surviving member of his family. Additionally to the three children he had with his wife, Jobs had an elder daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs, who was born in 1978 and was Jobs’ first child. Lisa Brennan-Jobs | Public Domain | Wikimedia Commons

Brennan-Jobs’ relationship with her father was tense, as she reveals in her forthcoming book Small Fry, which will be published on September 4.

Chrisann Brennan, Jobs’ first girlfriend and the mother of his daughter Lisa, was the subject of many love-hate relationships during his remarkable 56 years on this planet. But none lasted as long or was as fraught as his relationship with Chrisann Brennan, Jobs’ first girlfriend and the mother of his daughter Lisa.

Brennan and Jobs first met when they were 17 years old, as students at Homestead High School in Cupertino, California. Brennan’s turbulent relationship with Jobs, which included disagreements over Jobs’ initial denials of paternity, his treatment of Lisa, and his limited financial support, lasted nearly four decades, until Jobs’ death in 2011. Brennan published a book, The Bite in the Apple, in 2013, in which she gave an unflinching account of Jobs—including her experience as an “object of his violence.”

Lisa Brennan-jobs net worth
Lisa Brennan-jobs net worth

Jobs maintained his denial that Brennan-Jobs was his daughter for many years after her birth. To make ends meet, her mother – who had been on-again, off-again with Jobs’ high school sweetheart – was forced to depend on welfare and waitressing jobs to make ends meet. It wasn’t until San Mateo County sued Jobs for child support and a DNA test was required that Jobs began to provide some financial assistance to his ex-wife and kids. He started paying child support in 1980, at a rate of $500 per month. He also covered the cost of his daughter’s health insurance until she turned eighteen.

It is true that Jobs had a part in his daughter’s upbringing, but he was emotionally absent on many occasions. She recalls Jobs telling her, at one time during her upbringing, “You’re not getting anything.” Do you comprehend what I’m saying? There isn’t anything. “You’re not going to receive anything.” However, according to Business Insider, she subsequently started joining him on business trips and finally moved in with him while still in high school. He also covered the cost of her Harvard education.

She struggled as a child to reconcile her family’s humble upbringing with her father’s great fortune, which he inherited through his father’s business. “We moved around a lot. In an article for Vogue published in 2008, she described her upbringing as “renting.” “My father was wealthy and well-known, and as I got to know him more, went on holidays with him, and eventually lived with him for a few years, I was exposed to a more glamorous world. The two sides didn’t go together, and I found myself missing one while I had the other.”

Jobs might be subject to change at any time. According to Walter Isaacson’s biography of the man behind Apple, while Lisa was in college, he would occasionally withhold financial assistance after the two had a fight, leaving his daughter scrambling to pay her tuition.

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