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Kyle Sandilands New House

Kyle Sandilands New House – Kyle Sandilands spends $3 million for an eight-bedroom property in Sydney that he intends to transform into a “Hamptons-style” home with his fiancĂ©e Tegan Kynaston prior to the birth of their first child together. Shock jock who is a celebrity Acquiring property in the semi-rural Hills District of Sydney is one of the ways that Kyle Sandilands is getting ready for the birth of his first child, which he plans to have with his expectant fiancee Tegan Kynaston.

Kyle Sandilands New House
Kyle Sandilands New House

The media tycoon made the announcement in April that he had purchased a “huge old house,” and he said that he intends to restore it into a “dream home” for his family in the manner of the Hamptons.

The details have now been established that the property is a home in Glenorie valued at $3 million, with documents from Pricefinder revealing Sandilands settled on the estate in late March of this year.

In the very desirable High Gables Estate, there is a home that has eight bedrooms and five bathrooms, and it sprawls over 2.3 acres of land.

Mountain views, town water, a paddock, groomed gardens, and an in-ground pool with a slide are some of the amenities that come with this property.

The home is quite roomy, with a fair number of bedrooms and five bathrooms in addition to the large amount of land it occupies (9,580 square metres), which is next to wilderness. In addition, the estate was advertised as having “large living rooms with high ceilings” and a “big eat-in kitchen with lots of storage,” as stated in the initial advertising.

A study that includes a library, two false walls that connect to secret storage, and ducted air are some of the other amenities that are included. The pair will have an expansive balcony that looks out over the property, which will provide them with a comfortable area to sit and take in the lovely surroundings.

The rural setting, which is just 10 minutes away from Glenorie Village, was once leased out at a rate of $1,200 per week.

The rent for the property that Kyle and Tegan are now occupying is $8000 a week, and it is located in the exclusive neighbourhood of Bellevue Hill in Sydney. Tegan, who is 36 years old and engaged to Kyle, is expecting their first child together sometime in the next month.

Kyle Sandilands New House
Kyle Sandilands New House

During the Christmas season, the tall brunette proposed to the slim blonde radio DJ who was vacationing in Port Douglas, Queensland.

In February, the high-profile couple revealed that Tegan was expecting their first child together. Otto will be the name of their unborn son who is expected in August. The news that the KIIS FM radio DJ, who is 50 years old and lives in Western Sydney, has acquired an ancient home was shared with Media Week on Wednesday.

“I have just acquired a large, historic home situated on acres in the western region. It will be a house in the Hamptons style when we are through with it, he added. In addition, he said, “I haven’t quite managed to get Tegan out of the eastern suburbs yet and away from the synagogue.”

Kyle said that he “didn’t want to lock down somewhere” in the past because he wanted to travel, but that he is now prepared to create his “dream house.”

This comes as a result of the radio personality recently purchasing a rainforest getaway in the tropical town of Port Douglas, located in the state of Queensland.

During an interview for The Amazing Race with host Beau Ryan, he said on camera that, “I just purchased a home up there, it is that gorgeous,” and he went on to explain why.

The announcement comes on the heels of another real estate acquisition made by the radio king, this time in Port Douglas, Queensland, where it is alleged that Kyle spent $1.3 million on the property.

Kyle Sandilands New House
Kyle Sandilands New House

During an interview with Beau Ryan, he said on television that he had just purchased a home in the area because “it is that lovely.”

The 50-year-old actor also has a contemporary house in Los Angeles in addition to a 160-acre farm in the Southern Highlands. He purchased the property with his exe-girlfriend of eight years, Imogen Anthony, and it is located in the Southern Highlands.

The anchor of KIIS FM claims that the reason he just bought a new house is because he feels more responsible for his expanding family, which will soon consist of three people.

When Tegan found out she was pregnant, I started doing strange things like weeping in front of the TV, and I had no idea what was going on. I kept it a secret from her for a long, but now whenever I tell her about it, she doesn’t even bother to glance up from the phone while she’s talking to someone else.

“I need to make sure that the back end of King Kyle is configured in the correct manner. When it was just me before, I didn’t really give a damn about it. Be aware that I am concerned about a wide range of issues, including my own health.

On the episode of The Kyle and Jackie O Show that aired back in February, during which Kyle made the momentous announcement that he was going to be a dad, he was joined by Tegan, who was three months pregnant at the time.

“We are going to have a kid!” Sandilands, who is fifty years old, made the announcement as the whole KIIS FM studio applauded.

Kyle Sandilands New House
Kyle Sandilands New House

After some time had passed, the couple learned that they would be expecting a son, whom Kyle said he would name Otto.

The property, which now has eight bedrooms, will be renovated into a “family home in the Hamptons” style. According to an article from the Daily Telegraph on Saturday

The pair will have access to a spacious balcony that looks out over the property, which will provide them with a comfortable area to sit and take in the lovely surroundings.

The peaceful setting is just 10 minutes away from Glenorie Village and once commanded a weekly rent of $1,200 dollars.

At the moment, Kyle and Tegan are living in a leased property in Sydney’s affluent Bellevue Hill neighbourhood. Their weekly rent comes to $8,000 dollars.