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Josie Gibson Weight Loss

Josie Gibson Weight Loss; Josie Gibson has spoken out about her remarkable weight reduction journey, which has resulted in her fitting back into size 14 trousers.

The 36-year-old is a mother of two. Following her transformation with WW, this Morning star expressed her delight to her followers, saying she was “very pleased.”

Josie Gibson Weight Loss
Josie Gibson Weight Loss

In an Instagram post published yesterday (April 6), Josie demonstrated her metamorphosis by squeezing into an old pair of pants.

Josie Gibson responded positively.

She seemed happy as she demonstrated her slimmer form in this video clip, which you can watch here.

“Hello there, folks,” she said. I can’t express how grateful I am to you. You know, with all of these lockdowns and the epidemic, it’s been a pretty stressful few weeks.

“One of the ways I deal with stress is to eat. It’s something I’ve always done, and I’ve grown into a size 18. When it comes to reducing weight, Josie Gibson has shared the weight-loss secret that has helped her drop the holiday pounds.

The This Morning host, 35, has declared that she will begin her health and fitness quest all over again after gaining weight and dropping to a size 18.

“I love and cherish” her physique, says the former Big Brother contestant, but she wants to “overhaul [her] diet and exercise and go back to a healthy size 12 again,” according to Closer magazine.

Since her meteoric rise to prominence in 2010, the television personality has battled with her weight.

Three years later, she made headlines when she dropped from a size 20 to a size 8 and shed an incredible six stone.

According to the newspaper, she originally started her weight-loss adventure in 2013 when she lost 6st in a year via a mix of good food and physical activity.

Josie Gibson Weight Loss
Josie Gibson Weight Loss

However, with the assistance of diet and fitness gurus Do The Unthinkable, the reality star – who weighed 16th at her heaviest – has managed to go from a size 18-20 to a size 12 in only three months, from a size 18 to a size 12. ‘I feel so much better about myself now!’ she exclaims.

Upon being asked whether she had any weight-loss advice, Josie said that she would go through past images of her body to get inspiration.

It is recommended that you take weekly images of your developing form,’ she says. Then, if I needed a boost, I’d merely go through my phone’s history to see how far I’d come,’ she says.

The actress, who just returned from a vacation in Dubai, showed off her new form in a bikini and stated that she had finally come to terms with her body after ‘years of loathing it’.

‘I’ve come to a place in my life where I truly like my body and everything it does for me,’ she shared her thoughts.

And it’s not only her physical appearance that Josie is proud of. Being alone for the first time since she separated from her boyfriend Terry barely four months after giving birth to their baby Reggie, she is happier than she has ever been.

The moment is reached when you glance in the mirror and don’t recognize the person you’re looking at anymore, according to the author.

We believe it’s fair to say that TV star Josie Gibson has gone on and off the diet throughout the years, with varying degrees of success. When she initially appeared on our television screens in 2010 and stole the hearts of the country on Big Brother, she weighed a whopping 200 pounds.

Josie notably altered her figure

With a diet and fitness plan two years later, losing an astonishing 6st and shrinking down to a size 8 in the process. In 2016, she had surgery to remove 6lb of extra skin that had developed as a result of her dramatic weight reduction.

Due to her love of carbohydrates, the 34-year-old Josie’s weight has progressively crept back on over the years, and she’s acknowledged that it grew worse when she gave birth to her first son, Reggie, in 2018.

‘I gained roughly four and a half stone when I was pregnant with Reggie,’ she said in an interview. Carbohydrates were something I really wanted. If I could, I’d eat bread for breakfast, lunch, and supper every day.’

In addition, Josie said, “I used to be a size 18, but this morning I was able to fit into a pair of size 14s.” I’m ecstatic, ecstatic, ecstatic. Fans were astonished by Josie Gibson’s glowing good looks and slim frame in her new Instagram photos, which she shared on Tuesday.

Josie Gibson Weight Loss
Josie Gibson Weight Loss

This time, the presenter, 36, who is the mother of Reggie, a three-year-old boy who she shares with her ex-husband Terry, was advertising a children’s hydration supplement in a new video, which showed her sitting at her kitchen table in a fitted top and grinning at the camera.

As soon as the image went live, fans and followers swarmed it with supportive responses, including one that read: ‘Looking wonderful… Jose, you’re looking incredibly lovely… Beautiful, Josie… I’d want to lose weight myself, and Josie has provided me with several weight-loss suggestions.’

The jeans are a little snug… but going from an 18 to an 18-1/2 isn’t too bad.” These previously did not fit me, and it has only been a short period of time since I have been able to squeeze back into my 14s.

Numerous folks utilize January to kick-start their fitness plan, and it’s a fantastic time to do it since everyone overindulges over the holiday season. Just when you’re beginning to feel bad about everything you’ve had and drank, you’re presented with an excellent chance to get back on track with your health.

Even though I love and cherish my body as it is right now, I’d want to revamp my nutrition and exercise and go back to a healthy size 12 once again. I originally started my weight-loss quest in 2013, when I lost 6 stone over the course of a year with a mix of good food and physical activity. However, I gained around 4 1/2 pounds when pregnant with my son, Reggie, who is now two years old.

After being informed that I was a danger of getting Type 2 diabetes, I managed to get back on track for a while, but then I went off the wagon again. I want to utilize the new year to set new objectives for myself and to improve my overall health. I like putting myself through difficult situations. No one would argue that they desire to be a better version of themselves.

To that end, my intentions are to organize my sleeping habits, drink more water, exercise for 30-45 minutes at least three times a week, and consume foods that are clean and nutritious. When I give myself short, realistic goals that will help me attain my overall objective, I find it much simpler to stay on track.