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Jess Hilarious New Boyfriend

Jess Hilarious New Boyfriend: The comedian was born on February 16, 1992, in the United States of America. Known to television fans for her performances in season 9 of MTV’s Wild N Out as well as appearances on different series on VH1, BET, and other networks. She is a successful stand-up comedian who has performed as an opening act for comic giants such as Martin Lawrence.

Jess Hilarious New Boyfriend
Jess Hilarious New Boyfriend

Jessica Robin Moore, formerly known as Jess Hilarious, is an American – standup comedian best known for her appearances on VH1 and MTV’s Improv Comedy – Wild ‘N Out and for her participation on the VH1 series Improv Comedy – Wild ‘N Out. She was a member of Seasons 9 and 10 before returning for Season 15 of the show.

As an aspiring businesswoman and actor, she has effectively portrayed herself on social media as “a rising star.” Jess began working at an early age and eventually chose to leave her employment in order to pursue her ambitions and to amuse others with her amusing and eccentric attitude.

Jess Hilarious New Boyfriend

Jess, on the other hand, has found herself embroiled in a smattering of scandal. She’s well-known for her relationship with comedian Kountry Wayne, who she met while dating him.

Aside from all of this, Jess hopes to one day find herself on the big screen. In addition, Jess made a guest appearance on the All Def Comedy show. She received the BET social award for her performance in ‘Clapback,’ making her the first celebrity to get this honor.

She has her own hair extension company, dubbed ‘Fifty Strands of Jess,’ which she started in 2009. She makes money through Instagram, where she has over five million followers, and from different promotions and videos, she posts on the platform.

Furthermore, Jess is a Social Media Influencer, and she generates the majority of her income from her Instagram reels, which are her primary source of income. She has earned a large number of fans as a result of her clever humor, which has provided her with a plethora of chances.

Despite the fact that Jess has never spoken publicly about her personal life, she has been thrust into the spotlight as a result of this. Fans are still unsure if Jess and Kountry are together or not after reports of their relationship spread like wildfire.

Jess Hilarious New Boyfriend

Fans believe that Jess Hilarious is attracted to females. After a handful of Instagram photographs of the stand-up comic with her closest friend, who goes by the moniker Ms. Goode Morning on the photo-sharing site, generated speculations that she is homosexual, she has been accused of being gay herself.

As shown in one of the photos, the comedienne’s companion looked to be inebriated as she put a kiss on her head while the latter was dressed in an orange crop top and matching leggings for a picture shoot. In the other photograph, her buddy can be seen placing her arms around Jess’s waist, with the actress leaning in towards her. “DRUNK A**!!!!!!!!!!!!! “I adore you,” Jess wrote in the description of the photo, which included the hashtag “best buddy.””

Who is Jess Hilarious engaged to?

Jess Hilarious and her lover, Daniel Parsons, will star in the upcoming second season of the sitcom, which will premiere in the fall. The couple has been dating for around eight months, despite the fact that they have known each other for almost four years. Aside from that, Jess Hilarious and Daniel Parsons are also natives of Baltimore, Maryland, where they presently reside.

Jess Hilarious New Boyfriend
Jess Hilarious New Boyfriend

So, who is Jess Hilarious’s current boyfriend, and how did he meet her? The stand-up comic has kept her personal life so under wraps that some people have begun to believe she has romantic interests in females. It was at the beginning of 2020 that she was the subject of such speculations, which followed the publication of some images on Instagram. However, it does not appear to be the case in this instance.

It has been suggested that Jess is dating someone who lives in her hometown. We do not, however, know how much of this material is accurate or not. There are no images or any evidence to support the claim that they are dating. However, the couple is expected to make an appearance in the second season of VH1’s Couple’s Retreat.

Additionally, it is reported that they are now living together. In the year before that, Jess was involved in a romantic connection with Kountry Wayne. Their marriage turned out to be one of the most tumultuous in history, with Kountry’s ex-wife accusing the comedian of destroying her family home.

Jessica Moore, better known by her stage name Jess Hilarious, is an American stand-up comedian and media personality who is well-known for producing high-quality content. Jessica Moore was born in New York City and raised in Los Angeles.

She rose to fame as a result of her videos, which she used to promote herself on social media platforms like Instagram. Indeed, her first public appearances were a series of Instagram videos.

However, she was able to effectively expand her professional network and transition from being a social media entertainment to becoming an established comic.

Even though her appearance on the internationally acclaimed show Wild N Out helped to further advance her career, she did not remain on the show for very long.

She became a part of Wild N Out for two seasons and then left, only to return after five years to do a season with them again.

Jess Hilarious and her boyfriend, Daniel Parsons, will be the stars of the second season of the collection, which is now in production! The couple has been dating for around eight months, despite the fact that they have known each other for almost four years. Furthermore, Jess Hilarious and Daniel Parsons are both from Baltimore, Maryland, and are currently residing in the same city.

Jess Hilarious New Boyfriend
Jess Hilarious New Boyfriend