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Jennie And G Dragon Break Up

Jennie And G Dragon Break Up: Over the course of her career as a K-pop idol, Jennie, like many other idols in the industry, has been the subject of several relationship rumors. Even her other members of BLACKPINK have been the subject of rumors that they are having a romantic relationships with other famous people.

On the other hand, it seems that idols rarely confirm any relationships that they now have or have had in the past. In addition to the possibility of receiving reactions and criticism, several management companies and record labels include dating provisions in their contracts. In addition to that, due to their tremendous fame, they place a high priority on maintaining their privacy.

Jennie And G Dragon Break Up
Jennie And G Dragon Break Up

It would appear that this has been the situation that Jennie has been dealing with for the past few months. There have been rumblings that she and G-Dragon had been romantically involved, but neither of their public personas has commented on the alleged connection.

In February of 2021, rumors of a romantic relationship between BLACKPINK member Jennie and BIGBANG idol G-Dragon were first circulating. To back up its assertions that the two K-pop idols are, in fact, romantically involved with one another, Dispatch has now issued a story that includes supporting photographs.

Since the news was first reported by a variety of venues in the media, over a year has passed. However, ever since that time, the artists in question have remained silent.

Only hypotheses and guesses have persisted in existence right up until the present day. As a consequence of this, no one is able to say for certain if Jennie and G-Dragon are now or have ever been romantic partners.

Earlier, in February 2021, the news site Dispatch stated that Jennie and G-Dragon are in a relationship along with images of them together that were taken by paparazzi. In spite of the fact that YG Entertainment has not publicly acknowledged the existence of their relationship, a significant number of internet users have inferred the fact that the two are dating based on information from other sources.

On the 21st of May, however, internet users reported that Jennie and G-Dragon had ended their relationship with each other. They stated that G-purportedly Dragon’s private Instagram account had stopped following Jennie’s account while continuing to follow the other members of BLACKPINK.

Jennie And G Dragon Break Up
Jennie And G Dragon Break Up

During the course of Kwon Da Mi’s investigation into Jennie, Dispatch published a story in which it was stated that G-Dragon and Jennie were an item. At the time, YG Entertainment did not comment on the report in any way, neither confirming nor denying it. Instead, they indicated that they were unable to authenticate any information concerning the private lives of the artists.

Are Jennie and G-Dragon still together?

It was about at the same time when G-Dragon altered the profile photo of the PEACEMINUSONE Instagram account to a middle finger that Kwon Da Mi decided to stop following Jennie on Instagram. Around the same time, G-Dragon was seen deleting posts from the account while it was being monitored in real-time. The BLACKPINK member’s connection with Kai of EXO is the only one that has been officially acknowledged. Earlier in 2019, Dispatch made the discovery that the two K-pop idols started dating in October of 2018.

Additionally, photographs of the two well-known people from South Korea were included in the story. The agencies that represent Jennie and Kai, YG Entertainment, and SM Entertainment, respectively, have commented on the rumors that the two celebrities are dating. However, a few weeks later, media outlets found out that the couple had ended their relationship for reasons that were not disclosed.

In the meantime, BLACKPINK’s management team had earlier issued an official statement on the rumors that Jennie and G-Dragon were romantically involved with one another. It was said that the corporation was unable to “verify” anything or corroborate anything pertaining to the personal life of their artists.

Jennie And G Dragon Break Up
Jennie And G Dragon Break Up

Back in February 2021, Dispatch published an article claiming that G-Dragon and Jennie had been dating covertly for an entire year and that everyone in YG, including Jennie’s mother, was aware of their relationship. Dispatch also stated that everyone at YG was aware of their relationship. YG eventually published a reaction in which they stated that they were unable to confirm anything relating to the personal life of their musicians. Since then, neither G-Dragon nor Jennie have commented on the rumors that they are dating each other. It has been a rumor all this time since neither one of them has disproved the other’s claims that they are together or verified that they are.

According to reports, the photo that quickly went viral showed V at the wheel of a vehicle with Jennie sitting in the passenger seat. Even though you can’t get a good look at either of their faces in the shot since they are both wearing sunglasses, it is almost surely them in the picture.

Are G-Dragon and Jennie a couple?

An employee of the Korean airline T’way Air is said to have told Allkpop that they saw the two of them together as they were flying to Jeju Island together. According to the publication: “On the app ‘Blind,’ an employee of the Korean low-cost carrier T’way said that they had seen BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie together.

She also stated that many of the T’way staff believed the two were publicly dating because they traveled together in public places. This was due to the fact that the two were seen traveling together.” According to the article, the worker made the accusation using a messaging program called Blind, which is utilized by employees in South Korea in order to communicate anonymously.

In spite of the allegations, there are some fans who believe the picture to be a photoshopped creation or an altered screenshot from BTS’s reality series “BTS in the Soop,” which can be viewed on Weverse. In the screenshot in question, V is seen donning spectacles once again, but this time he is accompanied by J-Hope. When you compare the two photographs side by side, you will notice that they have a like appearance; nevertheless, the coloration is distinct.

While other artists G Dragon and Jennie are reportedly having the time of their life, certain members of the Korean media have come under fire for publishing tales without conducting sufficient investigation. K-pop celebrities are frequently the subject of speculation on their romantic relationships; as a result, everything and everything the idols publish online is subject to close scrutiny by fans who are prepared to take any and all risks in order to learn the identity of a new pair.

K-pop has been the subject of various speculations over the course of the last few months, including accusations that Stray Kids’ Hyunjin was dating aespa’s Karina over a phone wallpaper and reports of ITZY’s Yuna dating Enhypen’s Jay over their shared passion for burgers.

Jennie and G-Dragon are both worldwide ambassadors for the luxury brand Chanel, and they participate in many promotional activities for the company together. In addition, Jung Ho Yeon has appeared in several advertisements for Chanel while modeling for the company.

Jennie And G Dragon Break Up
Jennie And G Dragon Break Up

In the year 2021, speculation over a potential love connection between the two performers has been progressively growing. This comes after the renowned dating news and controversy website Dispatch published an article stating that Jennie and GD were seen dating at the residence the later.