Jeanette aw husband

Jeanette aw husband
Jeanette aw husband

Jeanette aw husband: While Jeanette Aw is notoriously tight-lipped about her current relationship with a Caucasian man named Marcus, she appears willing to spill a little more about her previous boyfriend, whom she dated during her university years.

“It was a difficult relationship, but I can talk about it now because it no longer bothers me,” she explained during a press conference for Let It Go, in which she stars as a blogger who teaches her readers how to reclaim their happiness following a breakup. Jessica Liu co-wrote the next Channel U drama, which is produced by WaWa Pictures. “He was seeing other females concurrently, but it never occurred to me to question him about them since I was so naively in love. (laughs)”

She continued by admitting that this fling transformed her into someone she is not: a girl who was constantly crying in a corner, who never dared to speak up or defend herself, and who spent less and less time with her friends in favor of her beau. “It’s like those gals in television dramas who make you think, ‘Why are you so stupid!'” she chuckled.

Jeanette aw husband
Jeanette aw husband

Thankfully, Jeanette came to her senses and ended her relationship with the cheating chap, whom she met through her dance group, after a year and a half. However, emotionally letting go of it was another obstacle.
This Chinese New Year, Jeanette Aw would be unable to see her family.

She was in China filming a drama during the festive season and returned to Singapore from Beijing only on February 3.

Aw, 40, who is remaining at home for 14 days to assist in attempts to contain the spread of the coronavirus, said on Facebook: “By the way, please stop asking whether I have visited a doctor (or) whether I need quarantine.”

She said that she is remaining at home “in order to be accountable to myself and others.”

“Residents returning from China are urged to take a 14-day Leave of Absence. Therefore, please do not be concerned; I am not ill.”

Additionally, she shared Instagram posts about getting internet purchases for hand sanitizers and noting that “before travelling back, I requested my mother to fill my refrigerator with fruits.”

Jeanette aw husband
Jeanette aw husband

Aw also posted that she had “almost the entire plane to myself” on her flight to Singapore.

She told Lianhe Zaobao that friends and fans had sent her masks and anti-bacterial wipes when she was in China.

Another Singapore actress, Joanne Peh, 36, has also returned home from Guangzhou, where her family had gone to celebrate Chinese New Year.

She posted that actor-husband Qi Yuwu, 43, had flown back to Singapore first while she remained in the Chinese city with her two children to wrap up some personal matters.

Peh and Qi have a two-year-old son and a four-year-old daughter.

That isn’t the only thing Jeanette has to look forward to in the coming months: in April, she will finally be conferred the All-Time Favourite Artiste award at the 2015 Star Awards with Vivian Lai, after being successfully voted into the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes rankings for a decade. “I’m very happy,” she beamed. “The All-Time Favorite award was given to me by my fans, and I cherish it tremendously.”

However, the occasion for joy is tainted by protests from fans who are upset with her omission from this year’s Best Actress nominations, particularly in light of her critically acclaimed performance in The Journey: Tumultuous Times. While she refused to share her personal emotions about losing out on a nod, she said she was appreciative for her fans’ concern and support and hoped simply for them to merely enjoy her dramas from now on.

Written by Thug Memes

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