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Jase And PJ Salary 2022

Jase And PJ Salary 2022: On KIIS 1011 in Melbourne, Jason Hawkins and Polly ‘PJ’ Harding host Jase & PJ, an Australian breakfast radio program. The program airs on the KIIS Network in the nighttime slot following The Kyle and Jackie O Show. There is also a regular podcast of the morning show. Matt Tilley and Meshel Laurie will quit Australian Radio Network at the end of the year to be replaced by Jason Hawkins and Polly ‘PJ’ Harding from ZM in New Zealand.

Jase And PJ Salary 2022
Jase And PJ Salary 2022

Since 2015, Jason Hawkins and Polly ‘PJ’ Harding have hosted a drive on ZM from their home in New Zealand. PJ was referred to as PJ rather than Polly because there was already a presenter of that name.

PJ was named PJ, not Polly, because Polly was already in the air at the ZM breakfast show (Polly Gillespie). Hawks previously hosted the Brisbane B105, Stav&Abby, Kyle and Jackie O, and the Hot30 Countdown at 2DAY FM.

While Jase and PJ’s audience share of the Kiis 101.1 Breakfast hosts grew by 0.3 percentage points, the time slots for the station in the morning and afternoon saw 1.5 and 1.8, respectively.

Will and Woody remained flat at 6.3 on the Melbourne drive audience. Mr. Campbell stated that Jase, PJ, Will,, and Woody had committed to the station.

Matt Tilley and Meshel Laurie will be replaced by Jason Hawkins and Polly ‘PJ’ Harding from New Zealand’s ZM at the end of the year. The show premiered on KIIS 101.1 on January 8, 2018.

Former ZM drive hosts Jason Hawkins, and Polly ‘PJ’ Harding have just migrated to Melbourne. It was decided to call PJ on-air rather than Polly because ZM’s breakfast show already had a presenter with the same name (Polly Gillespie). Before presenting Labby, Stav, and Abby on B105, Hawkins co-hosted 2DAY FM with Kyle and Jackie O and anchored the Hot30 Countdown.

Jase And PJ

Jase & PJ hosted a weekend breakfast show on New Zealand’s ZM in 2019

after presenting a drive show on the network in 2018. They drew from their Melbourne breakfast show’s pre-packaged content. In February 2020, Australian Radio Network renewed the contracts of Jason Hawkins and Polly ‘PJ’ Harding until 2022.

After a two-month extension due to the COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020, the hours of Jase and PJ have been extended to 10 a.m. The event was pushed back in May from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m.

Since the COVID-19 epidemic is still going on, Harding returned to New Zealand in September 2020 to co-host the show for the rest of the year. On January 11, 2021, Harding appeared in person for the first time since his disappearance.

Resurrected: The show returned to the airways on January 11, 2021. Retired AFL player Dane Swan will join the show in 2021 as a regular commentator.

Alex Perigo, the show’s executive producer, announced his departure on February 19 and returned to his native New Zealand in a special podcast titled “Family Meeting: Someone’s Leaving.” Executive producer Caitlin McArthur took over Alex Perigo’s position in February 2021. While working for Southern Cross Austereo as a national show producer for Carrie & Tommy, McArthur was promoted to executive producer.

Numerous more cast members have left following D’Antone’s departure in November 2020, including Alex Perigo, Cameron Maurice, Jaxson McLennan, and Toni Lodge.

There were several reasons why the Jase & PJ radio show would not be renewed after the agreement expires in March 2021 on the Radio Today podcast. Because of PJ’s engagement in 2020 and her stay in New Zealand, the show has low ratings and a churning production staff.

Polly Harding revealed on March 24, 2021

she would return to New Zealand at the end of June 2021 and departing the Jase & PJ show and the Australian Radio Network. When Harding returned to New Zealand in April of 2021, he worked as a radio host at Masterton’s local station for the rest of the year.

It had been decided that Harding would hang up his pilot’s wings on June 25, 2021. Jase Hawkins’ father, Paul, a co-host of the show, is undergoing cancer treatment, and the show has been postponed.

Lauren Phillips was officially named Harding’s successor on July 22, 2021. Taking over as one half of the duo Jase & Lauren, starting August 9, 2021, Hawkins will be joined by Phillips as co-hosts. There will be no Jase & PJ program after Harding ended on July 23, 2021.

Riddly Diddly Doo’s Jase and PJ give listeners a problem to solve.
On Friday, you are not permitted to use the following words: Laughter ensues when callers try to pronounce terms that are difficult to pronounce.

When a caller provides three ingredients for a dish, Jase and PJ will do their best to determine each one.
Jase or PJ will randomly select a birthday month from a cage of “birthday balls” in the studio.

After that, those who have birthdays in that month can call in. A listener who shares the same birthday as the winner will win the competition. Rest is currently being provided to this section (October 2020).

The caller honks their car’s horn at 6 p.m. in an attempt to play a song. Jase and PJ try to decipher the music by listening to the honks. If the caller correctly guesses, their music will be performed live on the air.

There is no charge for the use of the airwaves. Those who call in on Fridays are given exactly 9 seconds of free airtime to promote their businesses or whatever else is happening in their personal lives. It is a word association game called Word Play. It’s up to the caller to choose between Jase and PJ. Five words from a wide range of themes must match for the caller to win $5,000.

Jase And PJ Salary 2022
Jase And PJ Salary 2022

The regional producer. PJ and Jase are prompted to respond with a YES or NO by Sam. Before this, Alex had raised concerns.
Every morning, PJ brings you all the latest celebrity rumors and news from the world of show business.

PJ takes the stage every Friday and reviews the previous seven days on the air.
Listeners share their life tales with Jase and PJ, including crucial occasions.

The following details are required: In this episode, a listener shares a few insights about themselves with Jase and PJ, who then use that information to help them choose their career goals. For example, what time do you go to bed, what kind of car do you drive, and what shoes do you wear to work?

PJ broke down in tears, saying, “It’s been the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make.” I know it isn’t perfect, but at the same time, it is perfect for where I am.

In late 2019, she lost her father. Because of her distance from New Zealand, she had no idea how long it would take to see her partner again after 2020.

“I’m incredibly proud of you, mate,” Hawkins told his co-host. Hawkins. Considering how much money you’re dealing with, “that wouldn’t be an easy decision.”

Jase And PJ Salary 2022

And he acknowledged that watching her struggle “killed” him last year.

He recalls one particular time when she was crying and looking at him like he was saying, ‘I’m only remaining here for you at this moment.,'” the author writes. Jase made it clear.

Before he had an opportunity to propose, her partner of over two years, whom listeners only know as “BJ,” she pulled the ring from his pocket and asked him “a million questions.”

“After realising that he had something in his pocket, I started asking him, “What’s in your pocket??” ‘What are you carrying?’ The unfortunate fellow got trampled on the seashore as I fought with him and jumped all over him.”