Jared Fogle Memes

Jared Scott Fogle is born on August 23, 1977, He is an American retired spokesperson for Subway restaurants who was sentenced to sexual offenses against youths. After his vital weight loss attributed to eating Subway sandwiches, Fogle was made a spokesperson for the company’s advertisement campaigns from 2000 to 2015. Jared Fogle is also a famous United States of America American corporate mascot who is most renowned for his television actor. He was born in Indiana and was married to his other wife Katie McLaughlin from 2010 until 2015. Fogle first came to media recognition in April 1999, after Ryan Coleman, a retired dormmate of Fogle, ran into him and barely knew him because of the lost weight, and wrote an article.

According to the article, “Fogle had grown obese by eating junk food and not exercising. Shifting to eating at Subway, he changed his eating rules there to include healthier choices and smaller portions free of filling condiments such as mayonnaise, which was followed by his significant weight loss“. 

The company verified the story by visiting a Subway franchise near the Indiana University campus, where the staff recognized him from his description. Fogle’s tenure with Subway ended after he was investigated for funding for sex with minors and getting child pornography in 2015, He had been the subject of a long-running inquiry by the FBI since 2007.

The memes started pouring in, The internet can be an unforgiving place. Fogle’s house got raided Tuesday in contact with a child pornography inquiry and people rapidly thought the worst of him. He wasn’t jailed or charged with anything, at worst, he has only been named a suspicious, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from bashing him.