Is Apex Focus Group Legit

Is Apex Focus Group Legit
Is Apex Focus Group Legit

Is Apex Focus Group Legit: It’s possible that if you Google the phrases “Apex Group,” the phrase “Is Apex Focus Group legitimate?” would appear in your search results, which is a little worrying, if I do say so myself. In order to determine whether Apex Focus Group is a reliable resource for finding paying focus groups, I decided to investigate a little more.

According to, while Apex Focus Group is a legitimate company, you might consider applying for focus groups through a different company. The response they received from their Apex Focus Group was not particularly positive. Most people were dissatisfied with Apex because all they received was a slew of spam emails after signing up for an account with the company.

Despite the lack of comments on social media, I was interested in learning more, so I dug a little deeper and looked into what individuals had to say about Apex on Glassdoor. As of the time of this writing, there are presently 8 reviews (4 favourable and 4 negative) on Glassdoor, giving them an overall rating of 1.8. Here is a summary of the most important aspects of these reviews:

Is Apex Focus Group Legit
Is Apex Focus Group Legit

Professional Apex will send you an email whenever a survey, focus group, or clinical trial becomes available that they believe you would be interested in.
Not every study is conducted in person; they have opportunities for remote work.
Cash or gift cards are accepted as forms of payment (not debit cards).
They have a large number of focus group possibilities advertised, making it a simple method to earn big money provided you meet the requirements.
If you are encountering problems with Apex, you may have difficulty getting assistance from the company’s customer care team.
It can be difficult to get accepted for clinical trials.
Many of the email alerts about new focus group chances were not applicable to the reviewers, as was the case with many of the other announcements.
As a result of one user’s report that Apex defrauded her out of $3400 while working as a mystery shopper, I have reason to believe that they do not thoroughly verify the posts to ensure that they are authentic focus group possibilities.
According to one former member, they are basically a lead generation organisation that sells your personal information to other businesses and affiliates in exchange for money.
According to the information available, Apex Focus Group does not have any social media accounts, such as a Facebook page.

Taking online surveys or participating in paid online focus groups conducted by firms such as Apex Focus Group, the subject of this review, are two of the most effective ways to earn extra money without having to make a financial investment.

Is Apex Focus Group Legit
Is Apex Focus Group Legit

In addition to paid focus group chances, Apex Focus Group claims to provide access to other money-making activities such as engaging in medical trials and research projects, according to its website.

Those who are unfamiliar with the term “paid focus group” understand that it refers to a group conversation in which members express their thoughts on items and services. You could talk about anything from television shows to cell phone service in focus groups, which are led by a moderator.

There are a plethora of focus groups available, some of which are legitimate and others which are downright scams. In today’s Apex Focus Group evaluation, we’ll talk about whether or not the company falls into the first or second category.

The company’s operations will be discussed as well as the amount of income that may be expected as well as whether it is worth your time to pursue this opportunity.

Is Apex Focus Group Legit

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