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Grace Tame Phone Call

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Grace Tame Phone Call; She claims she received a “threatening phone call” from a government-funded organization telling her not to criticize Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Grace Tame claims she was advised not to criticize Scott Morrison at an event honoring Australians of the Year by one of the top individuals at a government-funded organization. In an emotional speech to the National Press Club, she says this.

Grace Tame Phone Call
Grace Tame Phone Call

According to Ms. Tame, the president’s actions were not motivated by “our country’s most vulnerable.” She believes the president was more concerned with his own interests than with “our country.”

The Prime Minister’s office told Sky News Australia that Ms. Tames’ claims were untrue. When asked about the accusation at the Press Club today, neither of them had heard about it. Mr. Tame is always treated with dignity and respect by Prime Minister since he is a decent person.” It is critical that Ms. Tame be able to express herself and act in any way she desires.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison urged Grace Tame to offer his government evidence on the group she claims ordered her not to criticize him after she was named Australian of the Year. According to rumors, the government has altered its mind on investigating a “threatening” phone call made by a senior employee of an agency.

“Even though (Ms. Tame) has not named the person, I would at least ask her to tell the government which government-funded entity she is referring to,” Justin Trudeau said in parliament on Thursday.

The remarks were not made on his behalf, nor would they ever be, according to a statement delivered by the prime minister in parliament. They were also not made with his knowledge or by his office in any way. The declaration was made in the House of Commons.

investigation about cell phone case

When Anne Ruston announced that the government had launched an investigation, she indicated it was up to Ms. Tame to decide whether or not the probe should continue.

The Grace Tame Foundation’s mission is to ensure that the Australian and state and territory governments fulfill their obligations. They accomplish this by enacting legislation, implementing educational programs, and influencing people’s behavior. It also encourages people to act in accordance with the mandate of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which is to keep children secure wherever they are (CRC).

Grace Tame Phone Call
Grace Tame Phone Call

The Foundation not only raises funds for itself, but it also offers grants to others. It aspires to collaborate with and support existing organizations and activities that share its interests. We seek to strengthen legislation and teach people in our communities about the importance of protecting their health and well-being with the support of government, non-profits, legal professionals, and educators.

First and foremost, Ms. Jenkins wants to ensure that political staffers who are terminated receive written justifications. A Green Party senator has proposed legislation to prevent employees from being fired just because they have become a political liability for their boss.

Employees have been hesitant to speak up because they fear losing their jobs, not the employment of their abusers because lawmakers have the authority to terminate employees for no reason. There is a lot of discussion of workplace health and safety, ageism, and discrimination against individuals with disabilities in the measure.

Sen. Waters expressed her satisfaction with the progress. In response, Ms. Jenkins stated that the government should endorse the idea that employees have a “positive duty” not to be harassed at work. Ms. Tame also took the opportunity to criticize the media for portraying her as “politically divisive,” as she claims the media has done.

Some have referred to me as “politically divisive,

They are unaware that last year I had numerous honest and fruitful discussions with politicians at both the state and federal levels. Right now, all I want to do is sip some water and remind you that, no matter how inclusive I’ve been, I’ve been despised, sensationalized, and put under the bus by the mainstream media for an entire year.

Grace Tame Phone Call
Grace Tame Phone Call

This is the name of a Hobart-based corporation. Tame was diagnosed with anorexia at the age of ten while attending St. Michael’s Collegiate girls’ school. Her instructor at the time, Nicolaas Bester, was 58 years old when he began sexually abusing her when she was 15 years old. She was 15 years old at the time.

Tame was abused until she reported her abuser, despite the fact that the school had numerous opportunities to assist her. Tame believes that the offense of “maintaining a sexual relationship with someone under the age of 17” should be altered to “abuse” since “relationship” is used to describe abuse in a misleading way.

He was sentenced to prison for a variety of reasons, including having child pornography on his computer. Tame’s abuser was aware of her mental health issues, so he “betrayed the trust of the child’s parents and the trust of the school in an entirely evident way,” according to Justice Helen Wood, who sentenced him to a year in jail. At the time of the mistreatment, Tame had an undiagnosed form of autism.

In 2017, social critic Bettina Arndt interviewed Tame’s attacker, who claimed that his assault was motivated by “sexually provocative behaviour from female students.” The interview is troubling because of two factors: To begin with, it provides a platform for a child molester. Tame also accuses Arndt of trivializing and “laughing off” her abuser’s misdeeds.

This does not appear to be a genuine interview. Tame’s identity and pictures were posted on the Internet without her permission by Arndt. Tame was prohibited from discussing her attacker in public under Tasmanian law. He was detained again after that for creating child exploitation material. On the internet, he revealed how he sexually abused Tame.

Tame has turned into a spokesperson for others,

Attempting to dispel myths about grooming and psychological manipulation. She has provided crucial information about child grooming to the Los Angeles Human Trafficking Squad. If you only respond to child sexual assault,

you may be “feeding the unconscious belief that child sexual abuse is just a fact of life that we must tolerate in our culture.” Tame believes that this is insufficient. To avoid victims being blamed and to make speaking up more usual, there has to be more consistency between federal and state regulations.

Grace Tame Phone Call
Grace Tame Phone Call

Tame was in charge of the Hobart Women’s March4Justice on March 15, 2021, and she performed an excellent job. On February 9, 2022, Brittany Higgins and Brittany Tame gave a speech. The event was widely publicized in the news and on social media, and it quickly sold out.

Tame was instructed not to criticize the Prime Minister in her final speech as Australian of the Year because of the forthcoming election. A “senior member” of a government-funded organization called her and pleaded with her not to do so in a terrifying manner. Both ladies indicated in their remarks that the time for debate was past and that there was no more time to talk about structural reforms.