Play Play Play Play: Gimkit demonstrates the mastery and simple delivery of content for students and teachers. Our core product is an online show for a school group that needs knowledge, strategies, partnership, and communication to win, developed by a high school student who wanted to play a more engaging learning game in school. Play Play

Our teacher and student experience are the focus of our game on subscription-based. We don’t sell or use teacher data because it’s not the way to construct unforgettable experiences. Gimkit was planned to enhance education and not to sell advertisement space, and we never relinquished this initial vision. Play

We actively welcome all applicants for our open vacancies, from all backgrounds and distinct identities. Every new hire is an occasion for us to take a different view and we are always keen to diversify our business further. Play Play

Gimkit is dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive place for your career to be your best and most fulfilling.