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Gautam Kitchlu Net Worth

Gautam Kitchlu Net Worth: $8 Million Dollars Gautam Kitchlu is a famous Indian actress Kajal Aggarwal’s future husband and Indian entrepreneur, interior designer. He is the founding designer of the interior named Discern Living.

Gautam Kitchlu Net Worth
Gautam Kitchlu Net Worth

On 22 September 1982, Gautam Kitchlu was born in Mumbai, India. His sign of the zodiac is Virgo. He graduated from university at Tufts in the USA. Gautam Kitchlu is part of the Mumbai, Maharashtra, India company family.

Gautam Kitchlu Net Worth
Gautam Kitchlu Net Worth

A national Indian, he has great confidence in the religion of Hinduism. Mr. Kitchlu is his dad’s name and Dheera Kitchlu, the housewife, is a well-known businessman and his mom’s name.

Gautam Kitchlu Net Worth

The marital status of Gautam Kitchlu is committed. He is involved with the well-known Indian film-maker, Kajal Aggarwal. The pair spent a long time with each other and wanted to make their relationship public.

Gautam Kitchlu Net Worth
Gautam Kitchlu Net Worth

Gautam Kitchlu Net Worth

A net amount of $32 million dollars (approx.) was believed to have been made of his company by the year 2020 by Gautam Kitchlu. In addition, he receives some additional profits from his side companies. With its social media handles, Gautam still shares his new designs.

Gautam Kitchlu is an Indian businessman, entrepreneur, and technology specialist who is best known as the husband of Indian film actress Kajal Aggarwal. He was born in India and raised in the United Kingdom. He is also a professional interior designer, and he has been the owner of “Discern Living,” an interior decorating firm, since 2015.

His marriage to Kajal Aggarwal thrust him into the spotlight, and he has since maintained his position. The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai will host the wedding ceremony on October 30, 2020, for the pair. According to Kajal’s Instagram post, “I said yes to Gautam Kitchlu,” she and Gautam are planning to marry.

Wiki and biography of Gautam Kitchlu

Gautam Kitchlu was born on August 16, 1982, making him 38 years old as of 2020. He was born and raised in a well-to-do businessman family from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and had a good education. His zodiac sign is that of a Lion.

He did his primary and secondary education at Cathedral and John Cannon Public Schools in Mumbai. As a result, he relocated to Boston, Massachusetts, and enrolled at Tufts University, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree.

His other studies included a course in Textile Development & Marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Mumbai, as well as an MBA in finance from the INSEAD Business School in Fontainebleau, France.

He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, since his parents had been in the same line of work for many years. His family has a strong link to the film business, as they have equipped the homes and bungalows of many well-known actors and actresses.

Personal and family life of Gautam Kitchlu

Cathedral and John Cannon Public School in Mumbai was where he received his primary and secondary education. His further studies in Interior Design and Home Decoration were completed at Tufts University, where he received his bachelor’s degree in architecture.

Mr. Kitchlu is the name of Gautam Kitchlu’s father, who is a well-known businessman, and Dheera Kitchlu is the name of his mother, who is a homemaker. Gauri Kitchlu is his sister’s given name.

They want to tie the knot on October 30, 2020, in Mumbai, in the presence of their family and close friends, according to the couple.

He enjoys sports such as cricket and basketball, among others. He also enjoys participating in the Boston Marathon, which he does nearly every year. Traveling, playing with pets, and listening to music are some of his favorite pastimes.

the source of one’s earnings

A co-founder of the Fab Furnish firm, which was founded in the year 2011, Gautam Kitchlu is a successful businessman. It is one of the most well-known online furniture sales businesses in the country. Aside from that, the entrepreneur is recognized for founding The Elephant Company, which was established in the year 2012.

Gautam Kitchlu is presently the CEO of Discern Living, a firm that was founded in the year 2015 by him. Discern Living is an online décor and design platform that he founded five years ago and has since grown significantly. It also delivers home décor solutions to clients via an online platform that allows the firm to communicate with them.

Gautam Kitchlu’s professional accomplishments include:

Gautam Kichlu is a well-known Indian businessman who is worth a billion dollars. In 2001, he began his professional career as a summer analyst at Merrill Lynch Company. Later on, in the year 2003, he became a director at Tracon Export Services, where he worked for six years. While working for KPMG Transaction Services in 2009, he held the position of Strategic and Commercial Intelligence.

By the time he joined Fab Furnish Company in the year 2012, he had risen to the position of vice president. Elephant Firm is the name of an online shopping company that he founded with a partner in the year 2013 in the year 2013.

Discern Living was created in 2015 as a result of his increased interest in the art of interior design and his desire to build his own interior design firm. Aside from doing interior design projects, the firm also offers a wide range of home décor goods, precious furnishings, and a wide range of visually appealing artworks that can transform your house into a wonderful castle in no time.

Gautam is not only a hard worker, but he is also a health and fitness lover. He’s been running marathons for the last seven years and enjoys them tremendously. A photo of his participation in the marathon 2020 was shared on his Instagram account, where he claimed it was his seventh time taking part in the competition.

On the social media accounts affiliated with Kitchlu and his companies, he can be seen sharing a variety of tips and insights on interior design and home décor. According to his own Instagram account, where he now has over 25 thousand followers, Gautam’s profile reads: “Founder @DiscernLiving. Internet Entrepreneur. Interiors, Technology, and Design lover.”

Gautam Kitchlu Net Worth

Gautam is active on Instagram, where he can be seen posting photographs and videos on a fairly frequent basis. Those who go over his Instagram page will see that he enjoys running marathons and other races. On his own Facebook page, he also shares posts that are inspiring for home design and décor.

Recently, Kajal Aggarwal went to her social media accounts to announce that she and her fiancé will be getting married shortly. I responded affirmatively. The news that I will be marrying Gautam Kitchlu on October 30, 2020, in Mumbai, in a modest, private wedding surrounded by our close family fills me with great happiness.”

Certainly, this epidemic has cast a somber shadow over our happiness, but we are overjoyed to begin our lives together and know that each and every one of you will be rooting for us from a distance. I would want to express my gratitude for all of the love you have shown me over the years, and we would like to ask for your blessings as we begin on this great new adventure. I will continue to do what I like doing the most — entertaining my audience – but with a whole new sense of purpose and meaning in my work today. Thank you so much for your unwavering assistance.”